Why so stubborn?

Hello brains trust, Im in an interesting situation and having difficulty understanding the strategies behind this play.

The short story is that we have found a castle of a team we have a bad history with (team a) and we want to kill their troops and slam their caste. Team b is protecting them. and I cant understand why.

I open dialogue with Team b but they are adamant they want to protect team a.
I told them simply, Your exposure is greater if you draw out this process. If we get on and kill all the guards that will probably take a couple days. But if you continue to protect them we will have to bubble drain bubble drain bubble drain which could take weeks. Which means much more exposure for your castle.

They refuse to let us do our bit and the process is dragging on. We are currently on day 2.
Team b is a high ranking team atlas rank about 80 with 18 castles. As a business analyst i don’t understand why they are choosing the worst path for themselves. Why so stubborn?
Some members are suggesting reaching out to their enemies and helping to provide access to their other castles. But our real objective is team a.
Any ideas why this leader might be so stubborn?

Tl,dr. Politics


Maybe you provide a good source of GP.

Why? You cant face Team B head on?

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They’re probably apart of a mega alliance, and team A probably asked their mega alliance for help so they sent Team B.

Possible answers
1 Because team a is part of their larger alliance and that’s how atlas politics work
2 Because you came off as entitled and pissed them off
3 Because that’s how they feel like doing it and they dont give a damn about helping you
4 More politics
5 Some combination of 1-4
7 Because you didnt say the magic word and now Jurassic Park is doomed.


No we cannot

I can not think of many teams that will simply give passage to another team to attack a neighboring castle. If team B is not able to hold the gateway access or allow others to attack through them, I’m pretty sure Teams A, C and or D will evict them quick. With 18 castles… what makes this specific one the only one to focus on… :man_shrugging:t2:


That is an unfortunate then. When you already found your worst adversary and they are protected. Well that is how Atlas right now. Like many had said above, its all about politics and above all the glory they can get from you. And why they worry when in a manner of hours/day, shield will be up?

Try asking your alliance for help. Tell them about Team B, and hopefully they can bring an evenly matched team to help you.

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Lol logic is irrelevant, it’s atlas with lots of politics and alliances.

The main thing is you r having fun in WD regardless the headache of atlas

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I think this is the only castle they’ve found so far

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This sounds odd. If Team B is stronger than Team A and you’re able to…

… just hit team B instead.

Also, If you are bubbling team B, why can’t you then get to team A?


Just a thought. Maybe teams don’t like their castles taken, and seems like they have good friends to help them keep it. Best of luck and enjoy the fight.


You cannot understand why someone would be a good neighbor. :thinking: Interesting.

Sounds like someone should have watched Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood a bit more growing up.


I think they are too weak to bubble B and maybe they think they’re going to hire someone to bubble B for them. Sounds like OP doesnt understand how atlas politics and alliances work. It also sounds like OP thinks hitting A’s guards will be simple and doesnt realize that they’ll probably have several teams show up to wipe out their primes and that shields will be dropped

My last team tried something similar to this when trying to go for a safe castle and the result was just sad. Tried bubbling their neighbor who wouldn’t give access and within 5 minutes we had 12 teams from their alliance moving in while they dropped their shield.


First there is no reason why team b to just let u walk over to there neighbors that’s not going to happen in most cases. Secondly let’s says you somehow u manage to kill team b and go for team a to take there castle you will have team b as a neighbor and as an enemy that will let anyone hit you and hit you themselves.
Sounds to me that you r the one that is stubborn


what if it’s mixed neighbourhood :thinking:

To add to this list, Team A’s castle might be the gate for Team B (or close enough), such that they are attempting to dissuade your bubbling attempts. It’s not uncommon for teams to defend their gates vociferously.