Why Swap Dragons before Dying? Beginner Question

Hello everyone, I’m a beginner and I’m a level 34. I recently saw a beginners tips guide and there was one tip I didn’t quite understand. So the tip was to always swap out your dragon right before he dies. I don’t understand this, I know that if a dragon dies it’ll take the full time to heal and if it is half health then it will take half the time to heal however I’m currently trying to level all of my dragons up so wouldn’t it be beneficial to use one dragon on a base rather than using two? If I use one then all of the XP could goto that dragon rather than being cut in half. Any help is appreciated !


You are correct it is better to use only 1 dragon on a base to maximize the XP for that dragon. If you see a dragon is going to die, you can swap it out to save some of the heal time on it, but that is only when necessary.

In wars if a stronger player is following on a base you really can’t help on, the follower will sometimes as you to immediately swap to avoid letting a mage supershot hit your dragon.

Ignoring followers, I think the above answer on saving healing time is the reason.

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I think it depends on how you plan on using your dragons. If I want to use my multipliers during the few hours a day that I play, I’m going to be using my heal potions on them anyway. So swapping before they die may not make sense, unless someone is following you. Then it may be important to swap before any mage towers can steal the rage you have built up so you can pass it to the next player.

If you’re not going to use heal potions and are going to wait until the dragon is healed, then I think it makes sense to swap early to reduce heal time.

As was already pointed out, it is probably better to use one dragon, but generally if you have arranged backup, you are trying to make life easier for the backup.

Often this involves swapping before risking a mage supershot, and sometimes swapping immediately. (A big player taking a base you cannot REQUIRES rage to succeed often, and they start with the rage you leave behind)

The reasons for swapping immediately are mostly to avoid mistakes. Also as you noted the healing time will be much lower with 0 damage taken. But mostly new players can make a lot of mistakes and a big player supports many players who may make mistakes. It can just be easier to set a broad rule. Really only useful for War runs and atlas PVP.

If you are just vicious you can also swap just before death, but all this does is deny the defender credit for taking down a dragon and some MVP stats and maybe some defense rewards. I believe self destruct also avoids counting as a killed dragon.

Lots of teams manage their members differently, and players (even at higher tiers) can be surprisingly tricky to manage. Akin to herding cats without a laser pointer.

I can’t imagine it would not hurt to ask your leadership why they have that rule. Good communication is the cornerstone to a great team. Half the battle
Is sometimes getting the players to reach out and be comfortable asking. (Both leadership and other players)


If i remembered coreectly, long time ago, in a battle, defender wouldn’t gain super ammo shot if you swap before death
Dead dragon award supershot to defenders
Then later PG fixed this. Whether you swap or die, defender would gain ammoshot.
Corect me if i am wrong

And yeah, another reason is not to let Mage drain all rage of your backuper

You definitely get supershots as a defender now regardless of whether you kill the dragon or it swaps. They are awarded once the next dragon starts.

I’m not sure about the old says though but that sounds like an oversight PG could have made and fixed.

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