Why switch from 2 keys to 3 to get mythic?

Awhile back you switched from requiring two keys to get to the mythic dragon to three keys. When that happened, you took any chance of f2p of ever getting a mythic. You can argue math or whatever, but I have been saving everything I’m supposed to (like I always have) and I’ve been playing better than I ever have. However, I still get no where near the the end of the third key. If a mythic (which is a requirement to really compete) isnt possible with f2p, then this game is an exercise in frustration. That reason and the repetitive grind of the game in general is why my wife and I are gonna step away. I refuse to spend more than elite, atlas elite and the occasional package buy. I just cant afford it and now that you’ve made it not enough to get to the mythics, I dont need to keep playing. :expressionless:

There were never “two keys” for a mythic.

There used to be mythics that demanded two specific lines to get. But for those, the mythic was another full line. In other words, you had to spend just as many sigils to get a mythic back then, but instead of three lines of your choice, you would get two specific dragons of PG’s choice. This has been a 100% improvement.

Many people have already proven it’s perfectly possible to get a mythic as f2p. If you want one, work harder or play smarter.


I did it without spending or super sigils for real its possible and no one can say otherwise :sunglasses:

Like Morreion said, there were never two keys for a Mythic.

For the early seasons it was three Dragons for a Mythic (relatively cheap stones without items in between) then they added stuff like riders and bonus branches, split the egg token branch apart, then Festives.
They also switched to 2 legendaries and a Mythic, with the Mythic costing slightly less than a legendary, but you got only three Dragons total instead of four, and added another Mythic to choose.
Most of the time you were unable to choose freely which Legendary branches you wanted because they were tied to a Mythic tree, one of which without a discounted Legendary.

Now you get 3 Legendaries and a free Mythic, and the priceless freedom to choose if you want Dragons, riders, base boost or the festive if you’re not interested in the main Legendary options. It’s much nicer than being forced to claim something you’d never use for the Mythic you like!


It was actually more sigils under the old season and less choice.

The key system allows you to pick any three dragons AND get the mythic free.

The old system you had to get the dragons pg elected, and then had to pay sigils for the mythic.

For more cost you got less dragons and less choice. There are plenty of things to critique PG on but this change isn’t one of them.

Mythics are also the most accessible they have been in years. And whatever you say. People have, myself included, obtained mythics e2p. One of my friends has just earned her first mythic ever without even elite.

It is VERY possible.

Now this is a very valid concern

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I’m an almost F2P (I have the basic elite)… And I will be getting Namaka today. So you definitely can do it, but you have to save a bit in advance of the season.

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How much do you have saved? (rubies, gold chest, bronze chest). What sigil mark are you and your team hitting in events, and are you completing the discount dragon during its discount period?

Elite and a high achieving team make it a lot easier, but we can get a season planner and work this out.

I saved nothing sadly i just finished dreath a couple days ago had last page but i also dont burn megas or supers in pvps either always get 1200 plus all quests open where is needed

If your able to get a mythic with out saving that is awesome!
I’m newer (started in February) so for me, saving was key. I’m also in a Platnium team, so we don’t get the last prize for the events. I will use supers if my time requirements are tight, but know they do waste resources… :slight_smile:

Yes differnce is im diamond which higher rewardings

Yup, that’s a huge difference. For us little players saving is key :grin:

For us mid-size players too :joy:


Your saving is probably scary :disappointed_relieved:

Also having a chest predictor is very very helpful… Started using it 2 weeks ago :grin:

It helps me a lot to save pretty much all my bronze chests and rubies during a season. Spend them all during discount week to finish the discount dragon, big head start in getting a mythic.

Yup, people under estimate bronze chests.
I’m probably going to pass on a mythic for fall, and save for winter. Idk the fall mythics aren’t really getting my attention.

Lol it is! but it is possible regardless many have gotten mythics without spending this dude dont wanna work hard or try to push his team to do the grind n help hs leadership unless he is leadership which its very rewarding

I even free to play prefer it because it was similar cost and much more prizes.

If you need assistance with planning and preparing I made some videos on F2P getting mythics:)


The chance for free to play to get a mythic was never taken away by this. The season setup is actually fantastic and nothing that should be complained about. @Shivenzo has done it multiple times, I have done it multiple times, and I know countless others who have done it. You have to be on a good team and you have to put the work in yourself. Nothing about that has changed. Speaking personally and having both Pathox and Ronin, it was easier to get Ronin as elite to play.


I had dont it last couple seasons as well pg only got elite from me since november but yes it also depends on the teams will of they arent willingly going to grind or be a team player quests/min 1200 sigs then ur bound to fail your only as strong as your team

:woozy_face: ? Kinda understand what you are saying :woozy_face:

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