Why the loading delay?


Just wondering is WD slow on loading just on Android or are the iOS users affected ?


It is definitely much slower on Android than iPhone. Takes my S8+ about 4 times longer than my wife on her iPhone 7, sitting right next to each other.


that sucks.having the same probs


The game was originally coded for iPhone only, then later adapted to operate on Android. Probably why its slower.


Yeah I know that old school data.

But why no improvement for android?


It’s significantly slower today. I experienced difficulties with Atlas a few hours ago, “failed to set up” or whatever when it kicks you out.

Then the game kicked me, and couldn’t get back for at least 10 minutes.

Since then the loading time is pretty long, even for me, who’s never held an iOS device ever.


I’ve seen androids that were super snappy. And I’ve seen iOS devices that were super slow.

I think the iOS devices tend to have more memory, and better graphics support.


No iOS devices actually tend to have much less memory and aren’t faster themselves. It’s just that the code for this game was written for ios, and the Android version is a bad port that runs on some sort of ancient emulator platform. That’s what’s making the Android version so much slower to start, and so much more prone to crashes. Nothing to do with the devices themselves, just worse quality game code.


No doubt that even on the best android devices it’s not as good as the best iOS devices. And I checked ram specs and you were right there.

That’s not true at all, I’ve seen plenty of android phones that run WD extremely fast even compared to iPhones. They even crash infrequently.

It may be you need higher specs to arrive at the similar performance, but you can absolutely get a better experience with better devices. So the device does matter a ton.

I doubt this is true either. They specifically use a native graphics library common to most all androids to achieve better performance. It’s the reason moving between android and iOS was not possible for so long. No doubt it’s less efficient on android. I have apple devices that it barely runs on. I also have android devices it runs great on and ones that it runs terrible on.

Apple is very tight on their specs and apps. Android is very open.


I meant the massive performance gap between Android and iOS doesn’t have anything to do with the performance of the devices. WD will run and especially start way slower on Android when hardware is equivalent.

Obviously better hardware will always help on either platform.

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