Why top teams have Atlas head start?

However, @PGCrisis @PGEggToken

From a short term business aspect I can see why PG released Atlas to the top teams initially as they are likely to buy packs and push some aspects of the system to the max to get troops, level riders and upgrade armor, etc. Very competitive teams with many players sporting deep wallets is great for that revenue stream.

However, I am curious how PG plans to manage the lesser players entering atlas? Granted, if this thread is moved to the Atlas section those that are and will be hindered by this cannot speak…

The largest players on the most competitive teams, many with deep wallets, have been given the opportunity to get a great head start on everyone else regardless of how long they have played this game. Essentially PG has chosen to further separate these players from newer or those just not quite as competitive by granting them a head start to grow stronger.

What do you plan to do for that level 250 just not entering Atlas to make help him catch up to the level 250 who has been in Atlas for months? If nothing substantial how do you plan to justify the disparity you have created?

Edit: this is not about a platinum team fighting a diamond team. That would be a silly argument. Parts of Atlas affect the original aspect of the game. There are players talking about upgrading Legendary Armor while others only have access to the season event riders. Clearly dragons with riders equipped with legendary armor will make a base or dragon much stronger even outside of Atlas.


Suck it up…
they gave you advance warning what groups would get it first…
you had your chance to push to get it before others, now that you didn’t push you think you are expected to receive help…

Find a couple of good teams to alliance with
build troops
Then look to conquer territory

When ever you get access


LOL. Clearly not an answer from a business minded or PR minded person.

It would be funny if a business told half their customers to bad, so sad but you are just not as important as those people over there as @DEATHbyPUPPIES just seemed to do.

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You want a business minded answer?

Pull out your credit card and use it


Atlas isn’t beta, beta isn’t atlas… it’s a fact that you’ll get nothing when you get access, there’s no real point in believing otherwise

You can change teams whenever you want. No one is stopping you from getting Atlas. There are hundreds of teams that have it. I am free to play and I have Atlas. I had to disband my team and join a new one. Problem solved. If you want it bad enough…just go get it :sunglasses::metal:Honestly, I wouldn’t want to see the entire player base on Atlas…it would ruin it imo. Atlas is way too difficult for lower levels and lower teams. They wouldn’t be able to compete or survive. No point. For the bigger teams, It would be like stealing candy from a baby. Why feed these big teams more fresh meat???


Bro, I was you mooooonths ago players with atlas will just cook and grind you.

Good luck.

The neutral zones are already full enough with teams who haven’t been able to hold onto land, there really doesn’t need to be more. As Unicorn said above, it’s not designed for smaller teams because they have to compete with diamond teams for the same land.

Your options have already been discussed in several other posts if you would have bothered to search.

  1. Join an atlas team
  2. Suck it up buttercup
  3. Play Angry Birds instead

What you’re asking, essentially, is to allow the diamond teams to destroy the lower leagues. You will have no advantage with Atlas if everyone takes all your stuff all the time. You would be a target. It’s one big war in Atlas… everyone trying to get land. Are you ready to compete with diamond teams? Are people in bronze ready to compete with Dreadnought? Only top teams have access…to protect the lower levels. Not to punish them.

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Actually I understand it because my alt doesn’t have atlas yet… so I see the picture from both sides

What you fail to comprehend is this has already been discussed ad nauseum, so it’s much easier to paraphrase since you are so unwilling to utilize the search bar. It’s up there in the upper right hand corner of the screen, just to the left of the menu in case you missed it. :point_up: :point_right: :+1:

There is anti grieving mechanisms…

Your not going to get hand me outs, to get you where people who have had atlas are now…

You get a week or so to sit in a safe zone then the new territory opens but doesn’t mean you will get land…

Best to sit in the save zone build up troops, find teams to alliance with/ maybe look for a higher team to buy territory from and maybe protection

You are going to start as a grunt like all non beta teams did

atlas has issues since last release period it isn’t ready for more atm here is some of the issues some there is plenty more

It u also have to look at it this way the game was out to only diamond teams before it was released to sapphire teams for over a year did we get anything for having to wait no we did not all while they grew and got stronger we sat waiting and waiting! It is just going down the line that’s all just got to deal with it as all sapphire had to do does it suck yes can we do anything about it no just to many issues I can tell you that much

I am aware of at least some of the current issues with Atlas as I am in Atlas.

I am also aware this is a P2W game which is why puppy and company were so vehemently defending how PG has handled this.

I guess it has been awhile since I played spent much time in a game where ones wallet determined how well they did vs player skill. I think Puppy and Donovan were, as politely as they are capable of doing so, telling me I should go back to games where player skill matters more where it comes to PvP.


Yes and yes and yes and yes. I told u bro, they will not understand, and based on what I experienced posting threads like this theyll just simply tell you get a team on atlas, play another game, lmfao.

Thx. I am in Atlas though. PG said they wanted feedback so I provided. PG’s reply is all that matters. Thx.

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I just wished all the bugs was gone kinda is irritating there is so many

Here is a post about the same thing. Go read the comments.

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I thought you got atlas already :thinking::thinking::thinking: