Why transfer XP

What exactly am I saving by transferring XP from an expert dragon? Is there some savings that I’m not seeing? Don’t really see why I should have to spend rubies for XP that I already earned. Can someone please enlighten me? Sorry if this has already been discussed. Thx.


If you have extra, you can use that function to get extra points during training event. Aside from that, only when you are in a rush or uber rich.


Unless you are swimming in rubies, it’s not, imo, a good way to spend them.


The XP transfer fairies have to make a living too…



Horrible way to spend rubies. Wish the dev team recognized that.


every “freemium” game has that where you see that it’s unreasonable to have that, but hey, that’s an option if you want to use all your cash.

Some people do waste their cash to the most useless thing like wanting to be genderless or looking like a celebrity (which turns out horribly) so yeah, people may use that transfer XP when they have “extra” rubies to use.

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While not very cost effective, they are at least providing you with a way to transfer Xp off your experted dragons, so nothing goes to waste, like Baby Valors :smiling_imp:

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Understood, but why not free transfer, I earned the xp already, maybe I spent rubies to get to expert. I mean I get that they’ll take the money if you want to spend it, but don’t call it a transfer.

Just imagine if it needs a kinds of surgery to remove something from one dragon, and put it to another dragon. It makes sense if the surgery is expensive.
Even a surgeon needs a kinds of advertisement IMO.

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Free transfers would be a horrible idea. I have enough saved xp on my top three expert drags to probably level most of my dragons to expert. And once I get a couple more divines uncapped and expert I can almost guarantee I could expert/cap ALL the dragons I own.

You could literally give a baby dragon a dozen days of multiplier xp on day one … just doesn’t make sense.


I definitely agree with defpolak here. Free transfers is a very bad idea.

Some folks have been using dragons for a LONG time with a ton of banked XP, you would get tons of expert dragons the day they came out.


It used to be worth it in feeding event to transfer the first 7mil xp to another dragon to get going. Rubies spent is about 25% more than rubies gained from prize levels but you have to consider all the other prizes that go along with it. 1mil points is 17 or so prize levels and well worth the rubies for individual as well as team prizes now


Guess you can tell I’m low lvl.:joy:

Gotcha, was looking for enlightenment and you guys definitely did that. Thanks for all the insight.

I have too many rubies so it’s faster for me than attacking for xp.

Give it to me instead. I’ll trade with lots of xpruns :laughing::laughing::laughing:

I don’t know, I may be missing something here, but how is this (having expert level on almost all of a player’s dragons) a horrible thing? All it would do is make the feeding event a little easier (yeah, you would have the xp, but still have to feed the little piggies). But does it really matter if every single lineage dragon a player has is at the expert level? Especially when the only dragons that matter are the seasonals and the occasional not-horrible Mythic from the lineage?

Now, I’m not saying that XP transfer should cost nothing, but the current cost in rubies to transfer from an expert dragon is exactly the same as the cost in rubies to simply buy the XP outright. So what this means is that having expert dragons is basically useless. There is literally no incentive to get lineage dragons beyond breeding level, if you have seasonal dragons at the same color tier.

So simply reducing the cost of transferring XP from an expert dragon, even making it a 50% reduction, would once again make having expert dragons worthwhile, and still bring in revenue for PG in the form of ruby sales. They may even see a bump in sales, because right now nobody in their right mind says “I’m going to buy rubies so I can transfer XP from my expert dragons”. Make it more reasonably priced and that might happen.

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What gets me , we earn those xps on expert dragons
We should not have to pay gems for what we earned, really
Once again boils down , pg is just hungry for money


Reading helps don’t you think?

That my opinion