Why two gold heavy events back to back?

I was surprised to see Prim leveling directly after troop building. I expected some type of pvp event to allow gold supplies to build. Two back to back gold draining events is too too much.

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I think it is because @PGDave said we are no longer having the other types of events which we get prizes for glory.

This isn’t the first time…it happens quite often…but still it would be nice to have something in between gold heavy events


Yeah, as I predicted there would be no more pvp events in general for atlas, since s1 is taking the place thereof


Yes you are correct. So what I am wondering is are the events only cycling craft gear, train troop and level primes and rider? Normally the events are shorter but i did notice the troop training lasted longer than normal, atleast that is what it felt like but the primarch level is really short. I can’t see these being the only events, that would be super boring…,…

We’d like to improve the Atlas event rotation too. Do you have ideas about what other kind of events you’d like to see? The Atlas season is very much like a permanently running PvP event – it’s nicer than the discrete PvP events in that you can fight whenever you want to … no need to wait for an event because it is always a good time to fight (this advantage was one of the primary ways earlybirds members swayed the direction of seasons to be structured as it is today!).

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So if PvP would be happening more often since people won’t have to wait for glory events, wouldn’t it make sense to at least increase the cap of the amount of troops we can revive ? Reviving event just ended and im already down to 48k troops to revive, Im trying hard to stay out of fights for a few days until I can get that number down a bit.

Maybe instead of running 1.5-2 events per week we cut them back a bit to once per week to give a few days off (maybe the weekend) to focus on other events or to let gold recover a bit? I have a feeling that 20 runs per day every day with no breaks may be too much for some people to handle (not myself, just in general).

Having a more focused time set for events would be sweet (aka always start on monday, always end thursday or friday etc)


Maybe like a gold rush event? Where mines and poachers give increased payouts, similar to kingpin’s? And nml poachers give even more? Haven’t really thought about it more than 5 mins, but it basically would provide a way to prep for the 2 gold intensive events.


Just help us out with Gold.
Atlas has become FarmGoldVille.
It feels like I do nothing else.


RSS event where mines and poachers give more gold and crafting shards.
-I personally like that there are many events…don’t slow it down.

A Purge type event where u get extra GP :wink::wink:

Edit: would be helpful if u can see gold on attack screen like lumber and food


I really think we should refer to Atlas as FarmGoldVille from now on, lol. That being said, I just don’t see why PG would add an event that allows users to generate more gold easier. They profit off of the pain/reward aspect of players needing gold to upgrade everything. If they make it easier to get gold, it will just cut into the ruby usage for Primarch upgrades and bulk troop purchases.

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I’m not sure why poacher killing event was scrapped, I mean the PvP part for personal progression could be recoded to actually give points for farming poachers just like the team points. The event helped a lot with refilling gold supplies, just like Kingpin which I’m looking forward to in the new iteration that was hinted at.

Maybe a poacher kill event with super poachers that are loaded with 5x as much gold and crafting materials and give more points with much harder bases like the stronger Kingdom Wars or Assault bases would be a lot of fun. It would bring some change to the same old invader layouts and also give a possibility to refill RSS that we need in other events.

Which troops are we supposed to use for those fights?
There is no way to keep fighting with the current ratio. You can realistically build 2x 800 new troops or max 3x 800 new troops, or you can revive 2x 4000 troops which need a long time to finish.
But you can burn 7500 troops in just one attack.

Also one Atlas season line requires players to lose somewhere between 240k and 1mil troops depending on their kill ratio and glory penalties.

It’s just not possible to keep playing and attacking when troops are so hard to come by and you need to put in so much time to farm gold to even build with the daily free hats.

This is sort of like the core game producing zero food/wood, forcing you to raid small quantities of RSS from the same boring base over and over and not having time to actually do what’s fun in the game: War/PvP. Then your dragons would always require more and more food and health potions to fly them which don’t regenerate and don’t drop in large quantities, leaving you sitting and grinding to maybe be able to afford just a few PvP attacks on the weekend after working the whole week.

Sounds more like a job but not really like much fun.


What about a poacher killing event where you actually get bones gold payouts for killing the entire poacher?

That gives you a team event between gold using events and might… just might ease the gold depression.

*** What about adding hats in a pack form that can be used later as a bonus payout?

Maybe make it that you can work with allies to kill poachers? Each player gets a bonus payout unless an enemy also have hit?


Love those ideas! :slight_smile:

What about a gauntlet type event on the gold mines, give the mines a hp bar that we need to clear pve enemy’s off them as a team.
Give us extra gold from hits or an increased minimum of say 50k after the 20 hits for the day during the event and rider xp if you dont want to to give us glory towards the atlas season.
Points can be based on damage done and team vp gained by fully clearing a mine with higher lvl mines giving more points.

The problem atleast for someone like me is the amount of glory we get per battle. I don’t want to get into glory mechanics because that is off topic but I do want to re-iterate, it is not enough compared to the amount of troops being used. I think a longer beak like Mech suggested isn’t a solution because Atlas kills times for events like breeding and fort that are already boring.

I really like this idea! Since we can not go into matchmaking and farm gold and the recent land expansion it is really hard to get more gold than what you mine. In order for us to keep up with thew consistent “gold heavy” event we need more gold! This event alone would not be enough. I think we do need a PVP like kingpin. It was my favorite event, like many!

Because you must spend more​:woman_shrugging:t2::joy_cat:

How about an event where you can only use your three strongest dragons and you have to complete a series of gauntlets in order to claim rewards(scrolls, rider shards, crafting fragments, etc) and that the higher the gauntlet level, the better the rewards. I’d call it “Tri-Dragon Gauntlet”

So like the assault event kinda.

That was a great event…

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