Why two gold heavy events back to back?


^^ Bring back the assault mini event as an atlas regular. The scoring would need to be reworked for team points.



Why troop building again? We just did that. I would have thought crafting at least so we can equip our new dragons. It’s not too late to change it.

Besides, who’s going to buy bullhorn packs when there isn’t any gold? At least you sell shards packs.


please see Troop Training again?



Two things we need maybe 3…

  1. Way to get more gold…
    I like the idea of it going up as we do more runs…
    Start low to high so those of us who grind runs get rewarded and those who don’t want to do a lot get what they put in.

  2. More hats to build more troops. This has to happen GP has killed them all if you want us to fight? We need troops to fight with.

  3. Maybe, fix the revive rate to 80-90% because of #2 we need more troops to keep fighting.

Double it from 8000 to 16,000 or even 24,000

Because like mentioned 7500 dead… and being able to build 800x800x800x800 means we can’t fight.
Even buying horns doesn’t work :man_shrugging:t3: Because the refill rate isn’t high enough.

  1. Low to high would reward serious grinders more, but it’d also hurt more casual players. High to low is also more similar to other daily multipliers (e.g., dragon XP runs).
  2. Maybe. I was thinking about lowering the cost of troops (lower gold, time and hats … and adjusting glory payouts accordingly [!] so the overall glory change is nil) – pretty much the same effect to increasing gold & hats production.
  3. I think #2 is the primary way factor we’ll change as we calibrate how much fighting players can do.

Too Many Routines
Too Many Routines

So what you’re saying is stockpile as much gold as possible now. :+1:


Well, I wouldn’t go that far – gold can be stolen after all, and thinking about changing the cost of training is just that … one possibility with no specific timeline or guarantee. I like to be candid with you all, and that includes sharing what we’re thinking about at very early stages while we’re still thinking them through … that way you all can be a part of that process :).


And we love that about you!

What numbers were you thinking of for #2?


50% of current


I like the trying small increases to fine tune it…
the increase may help… as long as the gold does too!

Maybe, leave gold as is… but allow it to run up to 30 runs? Instead of dropping off at 20?
That may add an additional 700-1M gold that could be mined to help off set buying more troops?

And you’re right… getting some people to do the minimum is hard enough… flipping it is a bad idea. :man_facepalming:t3:
For casual players… it already feels like a job now as is.


So 800 troops would proposedly cost 4000 hats, 400k gold, still takes ~2.5 hours to generate 4K hats and would cost half the time to incubate?

This would also mean that glory is going to be halved?


That’s what I took away from it. I’m going to guess the points earned in the troop training event per troop would be the same, though, and that’s where the benefit would come in. Otherwise they had might as well leave it alone :grin:


One thing that scares me about changing the cost of gold. I feel like there will just be a movement of the chokepoint. If you look at gear, the cost chokepoint used to be scrolls. Those were decreased but now shards make it almost impossible.

I think a scale down is what people want and simply moving that around just makes for frustration.


Yes Please.
50% Gold for Troops, no other changes.
This would allow me to build troops, contribute to team infrastructure and upkeep, and save a little for Primarch Training.

Please Please roll this out right away.


It’s not the gold that’s scary, bc the requirement is halved as well. It’s the halved glory that’s the scary part of the proposal. A primarch can only carry so many troops. I don’t want to have to attack 2 times the amount I would otherwise half to. Especially since most atlas hits involve having a backer. That’s like asking someone for twice the xp runs without giving any back.


Yeah, I’m not sure I like the halved glory. I mean, technically they should balance each other out (half gold/half glory), but if you have to kill twice as many troops to get the same amount of glory, that’s going to take more time, right? I’m already going to have a hard enough time getting to the end of a single season line as it is…


I agree…I think just a reduction of the gold would be reasonable sigh…


Let’s not get carried away now :joy:
Don’t see the point in having more troops just to lower glory. Back at square one imo…I would just like to be able to build a lil more troops then I can now with the gold multis and the hats available…no need for drastic changes imo…slightly speed up the refill rate, maybe slightly lower the cost, but leave glory the same…

If I had to chose I’d prefer nothing changed at all then anything to do with lower glory…cause then u have to tweak everything…from how many troops a primarch can hold, the ratio of troops needed to be killed on order to trigger a shield etc…


Exactly my sentiment.


One other way, gold reset would be every re-spawn. It would spark team work because you need 10 more players from your team (from any other when in it is in the neutral area) to kill it. :thinking: