Why two gold heavy events back to back?


Reset with poacher respawn isn’t a good solution imo. Number of hits to trigger respawn goes up with land level and teams who own higher level land are often more spread out because they have more land which makes for doubly long kill times. I suppose you could go to neutral but then what’s the point of having good land? And you need to move a prim to do that which means less defense for your land. I’m not fond of the poacher mechanics right now and I’d hate to need to hit them more. I don’t think grinding progression should be limited by your team either


But its better than to wait for the Daily reset.


I think that’s not quite everything of the equation. I see it more like this:

Gold payout * Gold cost * Hat regeneration * Hat cap * Time to build troops
Troops available for battle * Max kill cap per battle (7.5k) * Glory

Gold: The only resource that is used for multiple things, so adjusting this factor influences all other equations/factors in Atlas such as infrastructure upgrades, upkeep, primarch leveling etc.

Hat regeneration & Hat cap: Two factors being tied very closely together. A too low cap forces permanent play while a too low regeneration slows the overall troop building speed. Unlike gold that can be influenced by farming more, hats can’t be influenced unless you’re using horns which come at a high cost.
This was meant to put a soft cap on purchasing too many troops as the cost skyrockets at some point, but hasn’t proven to stop some top spenders from having more troops than whole teams.

Time to build troops: Not a chokepoint right now unless building large amounts of troops which only requires a lot of timers if you spend.
Sort of another gateway mechanic to try and keep top spenders in certain boundaries.

Glory: Used to level riders, primarchs, recruit castle guards and score points in the Atlas Season.

Troops available for battle: If you can recruit less troops per day than you lose in battle per day, you can’t actively play Atlas daily and have a low engagement which leads to boredom or forces spending to participate more.

All the factors on one side are tied together and cap each other. Simply changing one of those factors does most likely not influence the daily troops available for battle or the glory.

@PGDave This is what I think would happen, if only gold and glory are being halved:

Gold payout (same) * Gold cost (halved=more for infra/prims) * Hat regeneration (same) * Hat cap (same) * Time to build troops (same)
Troops available for battle (same due to hats/time staying the same) * Max kill cap per battle (7.5k) (same) * Glory (halved)


  • More gold available for infrastructure and leveling prims
  • Same amount of battles, same amount of troops being available
  • Halved glory which doubles the troops required to level prims, riders and earn Atlas Season GP


Why don’t we use Wood to “help” build infrastructure?
Ijs… since you mentioned an alternative “currency”
So instead of 13M gold it’s 8M gold and 5M wood?

That would (pun intended) free up some gold to be used otherwise?


Love the idea, finally this wood be of some use :joy:


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