Why was I banned

The support team is giving me the runaround on why I was banned. I don’t feel I did anything worth being banned for. Can you please tell me what the hell happened?

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you cheated lol or shared your account!

I did neither, and each time I message support, they’re like ok we’re gonna send it to the specialist or we’re gonna review further. :expressionless:

was it during this ban wave lol

It’s been about twelve hours. A few got banned though at this time. I think it’s a new program to detect cheating that messed up. My other friend got banned too and said he didn’t do anything. I used to not believe it when people would post. I would be like yeah right you damn cheater. No I’m on the other side now, and maybe they don’t always get it right on who gets banned. I just want my account back. :sweat:

you could always try @PGJared lol but i do believe he will tell you that it wont happen lol

The open a ticket, ask for it to be reviewed, and send the ticket number in PM to @PGJared.

As they asked countless times please do not start threads like this one, they cannot and will not disclose any information regarding accounts, bans, warnings over the forum.

I don’t post forums often, I was advised to post here lol. I just want to burn bases

they have lol but they said dont pm either if its during the ban wave simply because they did there checks upon accounts and got there p’s and q’s in order

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May 2018 Ban Wave here ya go


lmfao ur on a free everyone spree haha

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Free my people :pig:

#freeSniiper :disappointed_relieved:

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If you would like to contest your ban, the best way to do so is by filing a ticket with support:


Posting on the forums is counterproductive and a complete waste of your time and PG’s time. With the mass of tickets, be patient and watch that ticket conversation.

Personal note, Sniiper I hope this gets resolved, correctly. I am sure @PGJared and/or @Arelyna will be looking into this soon. I have to close this, but please add your support ticket # to your original post.

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