Why we don't like defensive riders?

With a new atlas defensive rider along with Amalia turning out to be defensive, we’ve seen an outcry of how much defensive riders are disliked. Now I’m starting to wonder if PG really understands why we don’t like defensive riders. Focusing on the fact that this is a strategy game, here’s what I can see.


  1. There are three total perches where defensive riders can be used. This means for true end-game players, only the top three defensive riders that have ever been released will be used. Additional riders might be able to used for rider missions, but it’s more likely that anyone at that point would have plenty of 3, 4 and 5 star riders to constantly run their missions any way.

For those of us who do not need 3 perches, we’re using one or two defensive riders. We dislike seeing new ones even more, because there’s no way we’re taking down Kassima or Crom.

Now why would players still be getting defensive riders? I imagine the designers are saying “look at our stats, both new players and end-game players are collecting these riders so they must like them”.

This is because there’s nothing else to get. The atlas defensive rider will be picked up because players need to use their blue shards and then train it because that’s their only way to get points in the Train Prims/riders atlas event. Seasonal riders will be collected because players need extra keys, and what else should they use the sigils on? They might also be because this is also a collector’s game, and the portraits are pretty cool.

So how could PG fix the problem and make it so we actually look forward to the second rider of the season?

  1. Make 2 offensive riders each season (maybe an occasional defensive rider for new players without atlas, but with the new rollout I’d guess everybody that wants atlas has access to it).
  2. Make defensive riders different so that there are multiple viable riders. For example, one that only boosts health, but much more than the riders that are currently out there. One could boost beam towers. One could be a utility rider, meaning a larger boost on building time reduction or grant more egg tokens from the mission balloon.
  3. Make the prizes considerably better for the defensive rider. I don’t need all the electrum bars that line offers, but I get it and will continue to, because I like the extra timers and gold chests. If the defensive rider line looked anything like that line and was stuffed full of timers, egg tokens and gold chests, I’d probably get it too.

Apologies for the long post, but tried making it as thought out as possible.


As long as there are non-Atlas teams, they have to offer defensive riders periodically. On my two non-Atlas accounts, I picked up Tanok ages ago. But to your point, I’ve never felt a need to pick up another, even though better riders have come and gone. Although part of that is cost - I believe Tanok had an advantage that all his rider shards were front loaded - so he could be had reasonably cheaply. Leilani would have cost dearly.


Worth it though, she great non-Atlas defense rider.

Negative, still not a FULL rollout so people are missing.

Then it’s not a defensive rider line but a prize line.


Everyone that WANTS it can get it. There are players that don’t like atlas so they go down to a team that doesn’t care about being competitive anymore, but there are always spots on lower atlas teams for new players that want it.

Even still, I don’t think they should never give defensive riders outside of atlas, but we certainly don’t need one every season.

Depends on how you look at it, some people still see the Pylon line for electrum bars, personally I see it as a prize line. In the same way people that actually want the defensive rider will see it as such, but others can choose to go for it as a prize line without feeling like its completely garbage.


That’s basically how I see all the lines. If you’re going for mythics then the vast majority of legendaries wont be useful so it basically comes down to the other stuff in the line and then there happens to be a dragon in there that wont get used for much


The issue I have is that these latest riders arent even designed to be on par with previous ones to be viable. The only ones that really need them would be newer players but then the rider isnt even designed to help them compete because defensive riders dont have construction skills anymore. So while those of us with atlas can enjoy a nice, yet old, 12% construction skill during fort, new players without atlas get a big fat 0%

If they’re going do a defensive rider then it at least needs to have a reason to exist, something to make it stand out. Mediocre skills like research and storm hp do not do that. Nor does flooding the game with them in both normal and atlas seasons.
At most defensive riders should only be every other season and for atlas we really dont even need anymore since we can always pick Crom or Kasima at any time


My biggest issue is that riders are supposedly suppose to be better over time, like dragons with the added tiers over time. The generic defender rider still holds the title for best construction reduction time of 12 percent, that’s ridiculous especially with the continuous adding of higher tower levels which cost more timers. Crom is fairly old as well, maybe 5-6 atlas seasons old but he is the best defender rider hands down depending on base layout of course AND he is atlas and as it was previously stated not all players enjoy atlas but I also don’t think that a defender rider needs to be released every regular season. Maybe every other season

It seems like the riders hit a peak and now are becoming less and less effective,

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That’s going back to the individual vs. team, again. There are still plenty of teams which want to remain teams, that missed this unannounced rollout.

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Well, if they can get P4 by the start if next season they should be set

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Honestly, given the way this was dropped, there’s no guarantee that will be the case. Their messaging regarding gaining Atlas has been completely off, and untrustworthy.

Well, technically there’s also Angel Bieber but we cant get purple stones anymore :rofl:

I agree though, especially in atlas the new defensive riders are basically pointless if they’re not going to be any better, with the exception of Kasima for some. Especially with how blue shard riders work where anyone with 500 blue shards can still get Crom or Kasima at any time


Oh yeah! I forgot about that rider but that’s because I never got him lol. They could at least make Antonius useful by giving it a construction reduction of at least 15 percent. You won’t hear of many complaining if that simple adjustment was made.


This is one of the biggest things for me. Hugo was a cool rider because PG did that, they made his skills almost completely geared toward health boost which is unique. If there was a defensive rider that could go up 30-35% health and no attack boost, I’d strongly consider replacing Crom with a rider like that. If they offered a season exclusive rider that had 15% timer reduction boost I’d invest in it, or if they made a rider that gave a boost to egg tokens (I really like egg tokens if anyone can’t tell) I’d do everything I could to get a rider like that and even build a third perch to use it.

The riders they’ve been offering though there’s no point to unless I complete all of the other lines.

Personally I normally collect enough sigils to complete the 2 discount lines and almost 2 more. With the drakul line as my third I’m deciding which line to complete for an extra rider or dragon, but mostly for the prizes. There is no reason whatsoever to go for the defensive rider with how PG has been making them. If it was better, I’d even use some rubies or chests instead of saving them all in order to complete the line.


Im doing the same, I did the discounts and had planned to do the pylon as my 4th line. Ive been saving up because I was excited for Amalia before PG shattered our dreams by making her worthless. Im still debating if I want to get her line for the boosted gold chests or just do the pylon and see what else comes out this season.

Im not a big fan of paying full price for a line that is mostly only giving me gold chests and a portrait because they made her totally worthless


I am doing pylon as well, need those timers!! Always need timers but currently saving sigils for surpise branches. Ya never know …

Im doing the pylon as my third line and see it there’s anything else in the season that interest me cause I will have enough sigils for a 4th line ( hopefully pg give a new tower line so I don’t have to get shitty stuff just for the prize)

If riders keep being improved new players will simply have a larger mountain to climb to reach competitive play on the map! :man_facepalming:

I for one am glad they have leveled off and their stats are not still increasing and if they keep adding riders I feel sorry for anyone who begins playing this game now or in the future because catching up already is measured in years!

I mean you can’t even suggest this game to a friend because he won’t be able to play along side you :man_shrugging:Between our tower levels the riders our gear the primes our runes and probably a few I missed the last thing we need is something else that scales with the meta of the game! :man_shrugging:

How is them adding mediocre riders that arent as good as past ones helping newer players to catch up? Not having access to a construction boost is hindering them, not helping them. Having regular seasonal riders that are considerably weaker than atlas ones doesnt help newer players or help put them on even ground, it just further widens the gap between the haves and have nots

Edit: Im not saying to keep making them better and better, we dont need a 20/30 rider, but making them worse isnt helping anyone.


I agree which is why we see no upward movement and yes they need to make them more flexible and unique without increasing their stats and that would just add needed variety and might actually provide some variation that they were seeking by adding perches :+1:

Excuse me, but what is your 3rd line? just curious.