Why's the abyssal egg for all dragons the same?

Far from an issue of significance but :woman_shrugging:


Does it include seasonal as well?

Hyaku and Sho were the same as lineage, yeah.

:flushed: Uh oh…
Artist team? @PGKharnyx ?

Bad copypasta too :stuck_out_tongue:

Who stole all the abyssal eggs and replaced them with fakes!

I bet it was @Crisis :roll_eyes:… I saw her eyeing those dragons on stream…


Maybe so it’s a surprise when you want to hatch it? Yikes!

I think you can see the Dragon subtitle in the Incubator, but I’m not sure and can’t check because Kerbos is cooking (non-urgent hatching lol), nor do I remember if it’s only available for incomplete breeds.

Hmm. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. There should definitely be different Abyssal eggs (we made multiple versions, like usual).

A fairly low priority issue, but I’ll bring it up with the proper channels.


:eyes: shhhh…


Lusian wasn’t feeling quite ready to be replaced yet…

Diamond League should boycott until the eggs look different. Or, at least until PG says they’ll think about making the eggs look different.


Its actually a big issue when you have more than one egg and are trying to figure out which one you want to incubate.


I use the ‘subtiled name’ or whatever is called
“Fungal Horror”
“Famine Wyrm”
“Cyclopean Drake”

(Those are the abysmal, I’m more on the “Witch of the Wastes” level)

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