WiFi issue , cant play without connecting to VPN

I need to connect to VPN to make this game run with my WiFi , But it becomes very slow when i do that.
I know its an issue with my provider , but how do i go about fixing this on my own, anyone ?
I tried going to my WiFi ip address
192…1.1 and changed firewall settings to low , but it still doesn’t work.
This game consumes alot of mobile data, would be nice if someone can tell me how to fix this

I had similar issues myself, and it was ridiculous, until support suggested I try this:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Wow that support guy deserve an Oscar trophy well done :face_with_monocle:


Right? After a huge back and forth for weeks over the game not letting me launch with WiFi, this FINALLY fixed it flawlessly on the first try


Some employees on support are really good like this one.


Omg i think this might work, Ive been looking everywhere for a solution, even at the forums of other games.
I’ve sent multiple tickets and videos of the issue and all i got from PG was , its an issue with my service provider and they cant do anything about it
can i know where you can change DNS server ? Is it the same 192. …1.1 ip address of your router ?

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Just wondered, why such issue with detecting internet connection happens only with this game? Each month different teammates are writing that suddenly there is no connection. Same WiFi, or mobile operator. Everything is fine for months, that - bang, you have no internet…

I changed my provider a few months back and im experiencing this only with the new provider, I had no issues with it, with the old provider

I thought the same too when I had the issue! But turns out it was just this all along! What kind of phone do you use? I’m on an iPhone so I can tell you how to do it on that

EDIT: I’ll just include both in case others have this same issue

For iOS:
Settings > Wifi > Little info bubble next to your wifi’s name > Scroll down to the DNS section > Click Configure DNS > Set it to Manual > Input the numbers in the SS above > Save

For Android:


I did try changing the dns server to
After i changed ip address from dhcp to static on android phone , turn on flight mode for a minute.
The issue still persists :confused:

I didn’t touch my IP address when I had this issue, and I wrote both AND (on separate lines)
Idk if those minor details will make a difference, but that’s just my experience
:frowning: I guess I’m just hoping that any minor details help you fix your issue

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It wouldnt let me change dns server unless i changed the IP address to static :frowning:

I’m honestly not super tech smart, so I don’t know how else to help :pleading_face: Shame it didn’t work for you

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Thank you for helping me anyway :slight_smile: i hope PG sees this here and gives a better solution. i have changed dns server on my android WiFi settings but i had change the IP settings from dhcp to static ,Im not sure if i have to change it like this on my router settings too ,on the router IP 192…1.1 and will all this have an overall effect somewhere else :confused:

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I mean… if all else fails, turn your router off and back on again? :joy:

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Already done that ,and tried reinstalling app.
Ill leave it here at the thread ,incase pg tries to pull that move again :joy:

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Have you tried changing the dns from the router?

If i knew how, I would , there is a lot of options there and I cant find the "change dns server "option in the router setting website ,unless i change my IP address to static there as well.

Even when i change to static and change dns server to ,there is a bunch more boxes i need to fill along with dns server options , which I’ve no idea what to type in
And it wont proceed without me entering those details as well.

The address varies between routers.

I believe most use as the router address (mine is slightly different, but not much).
Router type?

Yes is the router address for me too
It asks for a bunch of other details other than this gateway address like subnet mask something , and what other address i should use for static address etc, along with the dns server settings and Im not sure what i should type in there