Wifi not working with war dragons

For some reason both me and my husband can’t get on war dragons through wifi, but we can when we switch to data network . It started last night, wifi is working fine with everything else. This is what pops up

Turn the router off (often involves unplugging the router) for 10 seconds, then turn it back on. If that doesn’t work, turn your modem off for 10 seconds, then on, then the router again.

Do you leave wifi enabled when you switch to data? I’ve seen this once before where I just had to disable and re-enable WiFi on my device (4G/data disabled), despite it working with other apps.

We have reset the wifi a few times now. Everything else is working perfectly fine. I just got off the phone with the internet provider and they say everything looks perfect on thier end and said it has to be an issue with the game… So frustrating :frowning:

Yeah I have tried turning off mobile data and I am not able to connect at all

I’d have to suspect that someone changed the router settings, considering that it’s happening on both. You can try forgetting the wifi connection on your device, I guess. Otherwise, take a look at the settings on the router.

Have you tried buying a pack?

lol in all seriousness i’ve also had this happen but that’s only because my school’s wifi blocks most apps so i am forced to use a vpn in order to be on at all times :sweat_smile:

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The VPN worked!!! What does that mean, my wifi is blocking war dragons??

maybe… i don’t know much about VPNs but i am pretty sure it just bounces the info off of some other cell tower type thing… in other words i think it just piggybacks on your data network. Best wait for someone who knows more than I about this stuff tho.

Good luck!

Yes, you’ll need to take a look at your router settings. Google the model for a manual. If you don’t have control over the router, you’ll need to continue using VPN. I’d also check to see that you’re not trying to connect to multiple WiFi networks at a time.

For explaining a VPN… it’s not bouncing off cell towers. The easiest way to explain it is that you’re connecting to someone else’s network to route all traffic through them, which is why you can also access region-limited content through VPNs. You’ll want to take care while using random public VPNs, as malicious ones can also be setup to spy on what you’re doing (e.g. banking info/logins). Though, if you don’t have control of your router anyway, whoever controls that could as well. Chances are typically not that high that everyone is out to get you but just so that you’re aware.

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