Wiki Help (Can't delete either)


I broke a subpage…
Is there any way to fix it without deleting any pages other than the troubled page?


or ask leader to delete?


<iframe width="90%" height="500" src="">


Literally, I’m in Leader position atm, and the button isn’t visible :sweat_smile::pray:


i’ve experienced similar but my leader could delete it :sweat_smile:


You should be able to delete that page by going to page prior that it’s hosted on.


How to do it? :face_with_monocle:

This is the button to the page…


Hmm. And you can’t scroll on the chest drop page? Even when I have long docs, I can still scroll down.


Yes. It’s all black.
(Linked to html page)


try removing width thingy? or just set to a number like 500 or 600. Or just remove both width and height attributes and see?
sometimes it works


Edit, subpage, and delete button aren’t visible :sob:


same thing happened to me , support and engineers had to reset all wiki


@TheRedDelilah can u check pm please


I have had this issue a few times and support tells me it is a known issue they are working on. Unfortunately our wiki is stuck with a broken page because it has not yet been addressed. In the big scheme of things it just is a pain in my OCD rear end and doesn’t affect gameplay at least.

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