Wiki Help Please


Im going to sound like a noob here but thats ok.

I am updating our teams Wiki, it has not been properly looked after for some time and still has old pages from teammates who are no longer with us anymore.

I am almost done but my problem is that I cannot remove the old pages with outdated info.

Is there a way to delete them?

I dont want a bunch of “Untitled” pages laying around.

Tried the edit page but there is no delete page option. Pages are not locked as far as I can see.

thanks in advance everyone :smile:


Only the leader has 100% access to delete and edit across the whole wiki.

When people make pages, they can choose who has edit rights - themselves and the leader or the whole team. Just get your leader to delete them.


Thank you so much!! I was pulling my hair out. :smiley:


If there is a delete option it’s a pink button below where it has Page Owner actions. You might have missed it, or not be able to delete due to privileges as Red said.


I deleted a few I made mistakes on so I knew it was possible. I tried removing all the text and saving the empty page. It still wouldn’t let me delete it. :pensive: Boss is taking care of it now. :grin:


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