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Nice Jorah, took a quick peek and it looks like it has all the info and mobile friendly :+1:t3:

When will the info be added to the pages?

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Very nice.

Lots of work required for dragons data. Haven’t looked in detail at buildings but they seem to be there.

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it is being worked on. the beauty of a wiki is that everyone can contribute. feel free to work on it if you know how to write wiki code.


Wiki pages are great. Will you plan to have a section for lore?

added some info about types of dragons and pvp mechanics


There’s no info of xp reqs for dragons, especially the new mythics. :cry:

adding lore would be great! if you have that information available, feel free to add it yourself.

it will take a lot more wiki editors/contributors to bring out the full potential. hopefully others will take time to contribute!

New updates:

  • dragons added (red’s breeding guide red’s best through step 58)
  • spells added (descriptions only up to where i’ve dragons breed)
  • categorization (ever wanted to look up dragons by element, tier, or rarity?)

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Reopening at OP’s request

Atlas events documented. Also put a handy schedule to see the pattern.

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This wiki has malware pop up ads.

Which one? I’ll report it to the admins there.
Gamepedia/fandom hosts a ton of mobile game wikis. I’ve never had any issues with it.

Didn’t screen shot it. I work in internet security. They have at least SOME malware adds popping up. It was an obvious one.

You sure was not an ad that contained the malware?

I’ll give everyone my disclaimer:

  • I do not work for PG and I do not make money by populating the wiki.
  • I do not work for Gamepedia/Fandom and do not make any money from ads on the wiki.
  • I have contacts to the admins at Gamepedia to feedback any community concerns.

My only motive here is to move people away from spreadsheets and sites run by individuals here that may take down information as soon as they leave the game. Hopefully the site will live on way past the time I retire.

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