Wiki on gamepedia


Nice Jorah, took a quick peek and it looks like it has all the info and mobile friendly :+1:t3:

When will the info be added to the pages?

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Very nice.

Lots of work required for dragons data. Haven’t looked in detail at buildings but they seem to be there.

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it is being worked on. the beauty of a wiki is that everyone can contribute. feel free to work on it if you know how to write wiki code.


Wiki pages are great. Will you plan to have a section for lore?

added some info about types of dragons and pvp mechanics


There’s no info of xp reqs for dragons, especially the new mythics. :cry:

adding lore would be great! if you have that information available, feel free to add it yourself.

it will take a lot more wiki editors/contributors to bring out the full potential. hopefully others will take time to contribute!

New updates:

  • dragons added (red’s breeding guide red’s best through step 58)
  • spells added (descriptions only up to where i’ve dragons breed)
  • categorization (ever wanted to look up dragons by element, tier, or rarity?)