Wiki pages for officer, leaders, and advisors

This is a continuation from from this tread: Idea to make recruiting easier and to block unwanted invites because we NEED this! because this is off topic.

I created a section in my wiki for my officers, so we could communicate like that (we also use Line.). So that might be an option for you too. :slightly_smiling_face: People will have to sign their comments, so you can tell who said what.

It would be nice if there was an option to make certain wiki pages only visible to certain members. I would say only officers and leaders, but some of them have alts. Also, I have advisors on my team, and I might want them to see it too. Adding this option for editing access would also be nice. But that is a discussion for a different thread. I just wanted to let you know my tip about using the wiki. :slightly_smiling_face:

If anyone wishes to discuss this further with me, please tag me in the thread you create👍🏼

@Sovereigntyx79 it does tell you who last updated the page, but if multiple people add comments to the same page, you won’t know who said what if they don’t sign it.

The thread messages type wiki page could be helpful and possibly solve the signing problem.

@SelimaLeona by “code” I meant the PG team should have no trouble programmatically adding a player’s name after comments/replies; and this would be utilized, if PG would create for us, in a new thread-styled page template usable in creating a new page.

Ah ok. That would be nice if it was an easy thing to code. :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t see any reason it would take much of their time. We already have the basics: Already multiple users can edit pages plus the player name last editing is also being displayed. I would assume they are just inheriting objects from an API to do this so just would need a new page template made.

I don’t understand why group chats can’t serve this function. Unless you’re typing a lot (like me, seriously A LOT), or you need messages to last forever (also kind of me, older messages are still important), then it seems like a group chats would work just fine.

I feel like you just gave good arguements for it while asking why we can’t just use group chats lol. Bot of your comments in parentheses are the reasons that I have an officers section in the wiki, use group chats in Line, and also use notes in Line.

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