Wild Evo Stones and How They CAN Work


OK, before all you spenders start crying amount the ridiculous amounts of RL money you CHOSE to dump into a virtual game, here me out…
Personally, money should assist not walk you through, IMO. But even busting ass and hard work can not get a non spender/low spender to the top. So…
Someone commented on Facebook about Wild Evo stones and I expanded the concept a bit.
Wild, implying they could be used on any dragon. BUT hold your panties they should:
A. Be on a separate line, at a significantly high sigil cost
B. Remain in/on the lines they are, are the cost they are and only then. So, if I got all the stone on a line… I could finish THAT dragon or an old one or a future one. Not all or even any two.

Checks and balances. I believe it could potentially work and would be a way to incorporate old season dragons back into main play as they would no longer HAVE to be capped.

Please keep replies civil. Would LOVE to hear PGs employees potential thoughts on the subject rather than just changing my tags. I have yet to figure out how to post directly to “suggestions” @PGJared



Too quick for me again! :wink:

Please for the love of God and all things dragon can we stop having these suggestions…

@Psarus @ModMat over to you guys

Edit: forgot this… :roll_eyes:


So why do you want to pay extra for extinct dragons? And more importantly, say nightshade, how would can it be useful vs lv55+ towers? Do you want to pay for an useless, obsolete dragon that can barely help you in high level bases now?
So yeah. A big no from me. What’s dead should stay dead


I don’t consider them useless or dead. I still use Tarand, Sage, Kinn and most recently, Chim. All currently capped at lvl 18 by my den, and all within reletice power of each other.

But, say I want to keep using Kinn but didn’t get as far as I wanted to in Evo stones.

Wild stones would allow me to “forfeit” a winter dragon line to dedicate to Kinn.

I am NOT saying to bring them back. If you didn’t get the dragon, ya didn’t get it. I’m not saying free evo stones. It would be a heavy personal choice to go with an older dragon or a new season dragon. And Green would still be green. Gold still be gold. And still only Max out whatever tier was available for that dragon, not advancing it further.

Over all, it would reduce the “gotta have what’s new” effect that each season causes, and allow players more flexibility in choosing a dragon that fits them.

You all say no because “we worked hard for it” well, I worked hard too. Sorry I don’t have the $ to spend like you or the time because of real life. It would also create more diversity as not everyone would training/fling the same new dragons. New dragons are ONLY a benefit if you can get them further than the previous one.

I appreciate the actual feed back rather than copy/paste and whining of some others.


Please lock this nonsense


The only thing here “copied and pasted” is PGEggtoken’s own words. Not those of the player base.


I am perfectly open to REASONABLE conversation. This is a fresh look at it. Provide some input or take your useless comment elsewhere.


Yup, and those words don’t directly apply to this fresh idea.


“Limited time accomplishments” is pretty clear?


How about you go comment in one of the other 1,567,765 threads on this garbage?


It’s not a “fresh idea”. It was suggested in the other threads too


Ironically they’ve all been locked…I’m afraid we may have created a Hydra unwittingly…3 new posts pop up everytime we close one… :joy:


Forum search for keywords “wild” and “evo” pull up this thread and one about runes.

How about you guys have some useful input instead of attacking everyone. Pretty sure you all have already been told to play nice. Have a problem about a topic, scroll by or PM someone.

Funny, you all jump a band wagon when your AGAINST an idea but several other potentially good ideas go by totally unnoticed (yes I’ve posted others too) Maybe you all should have some self reflection time about being happy, peaceful and confident in yourselves rather than tearing others down.

Now, I’ll wait for PG to reply. Hopefully I will hear some CREATIVE thought rather than a copy/paste from @PGJared and/or @PGEggToken because as I’ll state again, this is a Give AND Take concept rather than a self entitled gimme gimme. It satisfies the people interested in older dragons but at a hefty cost.


Actually, I think I suggested this same exact thing, or something very similar, in one of those other threads.

I get that you want to finish old dragons.

PG has already said it isn’t going to happen.

Give up already. And I am being nice. I haven’t said anything contrary to you or about you, yet you go on about how folks need self reflection, etc etc yadda yadda.

Every day, at least 3 of these threads pop up and get locked shortly thereafter. They need to just go on and do it or send a mail out to the entire game saying it isn’t going to happen to end this madness.


It’s not a new idea except you named it “wild evo” unless that’s why you think it’s a new idea? That’s why you got the search results that you did…


Someone previously suggested a “rainbow” version - essentially the same thing. If OP had searched for evo that would have popped up.


I tried that just now I also got a thread on a “white evolution stone” lol.


No! PGEggToken has already answered your “fresh” idea. EggToken must be able to see into the future smdh


Call it a rainbow stone, a wild evo stone, a second chance stone, a wild card stone, a money in the bank stone or a technicolor dreamcoat stone.

Hell no.

And you have a lot of nerve calling for civility and constructive dialogue while bashing people who financially support this game and enable you to play for free and those who spend more time working for what they want in game instead of thumbing through a thesaurus to rename a concept that has been rejected repeatedly.