Wild fire suggestion

Hey all what do you think of the idea for Wild fire attacks that we have a different colour banner?

Maybe something like golden with a flame border just to notify team members as sometimes everyone is busy doing attacks and I know you can ask in TC but thinking this could be a bit more in your face.

Let me know what you guys think

EDIT megas also Included in this discussion.


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For joining or defending against?

And why does it matter? For either.


Everything as the OP says, just replace the “WildFire” to “Mega Attack”

Why should this be something they even spend a second working on? As Mech said, why does it matter? So you can defend harder during a wildfire attack? If so then that’s completely illogical for them to let you know that. Why should you be privy for what kind of attack the enemy is doing? Why not also make teams first have to send you a message before they do wave attacks in wars so that you can get everyone on to defend?

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I like the idea of sending messages before you attack! That could be beneficial for when i need gold. I could message mech for example, how much gold u got? He could say none, and i would then message the next person and so on, until someone said, “hi, wait 20 min, i will transfer 6M good from our banks, then attack!” I would be much obliged, go for a bio break, grab a beer and then come back for my run, collect gold, be happy,

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I used to sit at a constant 9-10M gold when I had elite, our banks were full and I did 20M gold worth of runs every day.

Now I’m lucky to do enough Atlas activity to build 800 troops 🤷

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== sarcastic mode ON ==

I suggest an orange banner when the attack is a wildfire attack, and a purple banner for mega attacks. Oh, I forgot about super attacks! Those should be displayed with a pink banner.

I however suggest no banner at all when the base to be defended is crap and impossible to defend against an attacker with more than twice the AP of the base DP. This would avoid wasting our time.

== sarcastic mode OFF ==

More seriously, when I run a wildfire attack, I certainly would not want it to be displayed in any particular way in the defender’s team. Otherwise I would always get 3 defenders hammer spamming my attacks and my wildfires would be ruined.


This one I could actually get behind :grin:


I honestly think less is more with the number of special banners we have.

I think there is a viable discussion here for wildfire or megacoins deserving some kind of unique treatment. (Possibly colors)

Definitely pros and cons to both. And it’s definitely worth discussing if allowing your teammates to see it on invite is okay if it’s not okay for defenders to see a special banner.

Personally my opinion is that banners could definitely benefit from a little more info shown.

I wouldn’t hate having megacoins show in a unique way (special icon maybe) as they are all about more points per second, so strategically it makes sense to make them harder to sneak in and make defending be more focused. But from an economics perspective, I don’t think such a thing would be allowed due to the target audience for megacoins being largely spenders, you wouldn’t want to charge them more for difficult to use content.

As far as wildfires, I dunno, I don’t see them making any difference. They are so close to supers it seems a waste, it it’s quite easy to communicate in team chat with your teammates. I also don’t see any special treatment for wildfire banners if megacoins don’t get any special treatment.


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Never for defending that would be cheating lol but as for attacking yes.

Why is defending in event cheating? :thinking:

Ok I think the reason I didn’t think about megas was because the idea came to me when I had a few guys drop out of a wild fire hit. They was unaware as I couldn’t communicate until my run was finished.

You know what the more I here your responses the more I find your pessimistic, lighten up will ya :kissing_heart:

Yes I didn’t state attacking only so I can imagine why you took a path and run for it but only a fool would think this is an idea from defenders perspective.

:x::x:Attacking only​:x::x:

If it’s just for attacking, why not try communicating with your teammates?

“Hey guys, doing a wildfire, anyone want to back?”

Not terribly hard, and better than automating the human interaction in my opinion.


You misread it.

Defending isn’t cheating but knowing that an attacking player is using a mega with a different colour banner for the defender side I would say yes it is.

Yes but no everyone has time to ask and wait for responses. 2mins is a long ass time when you gotta be quick.

I just see it as a helpful idea for quite a few players.

If there are no players to respond to your chat there are also no players to respond to your banner :man_shrugging:

In my opinion this is wildly unneccessary, and we have more than enough banner colors to deal with already.


No entirely true. I have a better chance of picking up players to follow a mega/WF attack if I seen the banner for them than just writing at the bottom of my screen that easily get moved up by new chat wether that’s from LC or the many group chats some have.

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Oh, ok…

Not to sound blunt dude :hugs: I’m not the best at explaining things that’s for sure lol