Wildfire and Innerfire and Defending- Unintended Consequences

Maybe I’m the only one doing this, but ever since the last change in wildfire and inner fire mechanics, I pretty much save all my inner fire for when I “fail” on an attack and have to use a 2nd or 3rd dragon.
In other words, I almost never equip my lead dragon with inner fire, I just wait and if my lead dragon fails I will use a second dragon equipped with inner fire (so I don’t lose out on a wild fire flame).

The hilarious unintended consequence of this is that any time my attacks are defended, they end up with me taking MORE points because I use more inner fires from being forced to use additional dragons. I just thought this was funny because it’s obviously the opposite of what the defenders are hoping for. And I wondered if anyone else was doing the same or had noticed the same thing.


Most people I know attack with 3 dragons regardless and view Wildfire as a free attack and not something to actively plan your attacks to achieve. The only people I know that go for Wildfire and 1 dragon attack bases are players with few or no inner fires.


That’s EXACTLY what I’m doing. I only equip IF if I’m forced to use a 2nd dragon, and if I’m using an IF, I’m going ahead and stacking with a 3rd dragon to ensure maximum point loss for the defending team :smiling_imp:


I suppose it could be seen that way if you do a lot of 4 energy attacks.

All runs I know about in diamond are 3 inner fire runs, unless you physically don’t have inners. Its just more efficient to max points/minute spent

(not saying its the most efficient/energy)


I still use 3 no matter what If I have inner fire

Not equipping on the lead dragon does make sense as it can ensure each inner fire saves you a healing potion and creates more progress on wildfire flames.

I use 3 always as for me it’s a battle vs the clock (my time) and I have more inner fires than I can use. So each inner fire gives me more points in less time. This also allows the players worth more points to get used more often, generating more points per inner fire as opposed to running more attacks and having to hit bases worth slightly less points.

But I think this actually made sense to do even before the wildfire change. It just gives you one more reason to use more inner fires at once rather than more runs.

Technically the point increase isn’t really significant if you were going to use the same number of inner fires anyways. It does however increase the points per second you generate, but in most cases it doesn’t add more points per second than lost due to the extra time a base takes to defeat when defended.

And to me the points per second only matter in the last hour or so. (Not even that if your team uses supers and Megas).

So yeah I would say it does neutralize some of the advantage of defending provides you can still win the battle.

I like the mechanic personally. And I like that more people defend with the quests. It has made events a lot more fun. Now if they could reduce/limit the effect of spending on team position in favor of strategy.

I think others are doing this however.

Using more dragons and more inner fires has always yielded more points in less time and less healing potions consumed for the same points.


LOL I thought it was just me doing that :slight_smile:

It’s also a bit of an “F you, defend me you get spanked harder”…


As an E2P player, I really wish this was one of my problems :joy: I tend to have to ration mine carefully, balancing the current event against performance in future events :sweat_smile:


Will make sure to have this quote memorized…
Almost going overboard and spend most (if not all) of my (already little) stock of IF and energy packs…


Me too. I have over 150 energy packs but no IFs :cold_sweat: :t_rex:


you just think people defend in order to stop you getting more point. Some defend for quest, some defend for fun of shooting down dragon. Even you stack IF for 2nd or 3rd dragon, you gain nothing more than IF point while lose the IF and the defender trade of just that amount of point for entertainment or quest prize.

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