Wildfire Attack, Kingdom Wars v2 Updates, New Runes, and More!


A few options in my eyes:

  1. They could also credit (n-1) inner fires towards the flame count earned for that run
  2. They could cap the flames earned per run to 3 (defeat 100% no matter how many dragons) AND lower the flames required to 48 (3/5 of 80 to keep the same ratio) so that you can use inner or second dragons without “risking” less frequent bonus.


What we talked about and what was implemented are not the same. The idea is… but the numbers are different enough that it is nothing like what was discussed with us.


Just curious if you or anyone ran the numbers as to which is “better for the team”, to have higher individual scores or a higher team score. I understand wanting to not lose ranking points for the team but the difference in the team prizes don’t seem that great even extended out over 50 players.



Team prizes are basically pointless. If the event involves standing loss as part of the prize, try to avoid that. But the individual prizes and team achievements are all based on individual points… So, it’s definitely better to be “selfish.”


Kind of what I thought. I help the team by helping team mates score higher.




My concern that the bonus meter was a very strong incentive against timing attacks to benefit the team. The bonus meter required you to amass energy and rewarded you for attacking late in the event. The wildfire mechanic is timing insensitive so you can choose to do a big attack when it benefits the team. That makes a huge difference in terms of aligning team and player interests imo, especially for events where early attacks are beneficial (e.g. kingdom wars or conquer the world)

Edit: i also feel that at higher leagues the prize differential starts being significant. Especially epic/legendary runes and sigil prize differences


I get what you are saying… but the single team prize is nothing in comparison to the collective value of the individual prizes and team achievements.


Fun factor goes down though as well as team synergy.


I had fun… I mean—knocking out 2k points in a single run as a little whippersnapper of a player?? C’mon. That was amazing fun. I actually looked forward to it.

And that did require a teammate or sometime two to assist. And while I could not really help them, I could be the 5th IF for them.


I will agree that was a flaw with the bonus meter… but it doesn’t change the fact that wild fire is a poorly thought out plan and it shows how poorly PG knows their own game. The idea is okay i guess… but 80 flames is excessive.


Y no change in the appearance of armory and its features? @PGCrisis @PGCoffee


I was just coming on to look at this. I want to know drop rates before I open stuff haha


I’m very much worry about runic chest , whether they included new runes or not :eyes:


The new runes are there


I got a legendary warrior attack rune. I guess Destar will benefit from it… in 2 years when I get to Harbinger.


They have. (Not mine)


Nice pull! :metal:


It always gives me giggles when something they explicitly stated would happen in an update… doesn’t happen. I think it was 3.17 where they said they would improve rejuvenate duration and healing and it ended up healing for 1%. I had hugin then so I was very much affected :rofl:


What are you going to do with that? :eyes:


Not mine :man_shrugging:t3: