Wildfire Attack, Kingdom Wars v2 Updates, New Runes, and More!


Ah, just saw. I wonder about the runes … only two round spots. :confused:



Maybe someone can create the runic and gold chest pull threads now :joy:


Black pearls always got me tilted


I will take them from you :eyes:


legendary sorcerer provides 1% ~ 3% atk and then 1.7% ~ 2.5% fire flak resist

got mine from the free runic (30/30 silver chest opening)


That doesn’t sound good…


Is there a thread for sharing runic drops that I haven’t found yet? I can share a few. It’s not terrible If you like the runes


They do increment the multiplier by 1 for each IF you use. You’re just wrote the same thing using a different expression.

2 IF on a 125 point value base: 125*1+125*1+125*1 = 125*3

WildFire w/ 2 IF on 125 point base: 125*7

Edit: Oh wow didn’t realize how far behind that was. I must’ve gotten shimmied up the page without noticing. :rofl:



Yeah, i remember what you have in your screenshot. Behind the scenes the math was done correctly, but if they would’ve calculated it the way they had it displayed we would’ve been screwed by order of operations.

Slept too many times since then, but I could swear IF was always intended to give (base)+100% …but…then there was this one week where they displayed it like +100 and it did, indeed, only give you 100 points. The next time around they changed the graphics and it was back to normal again. I thought there was an announcement too? IDK if the fact IF points were calculated wrong for a bit was ever mentioned in the announcement and I don’t recall them reimbursing anything, but it wasn’t intended to be +100. I was neive and didn’t always open the info button back then so didn’t think much of it and just was happy it was changed back.

Slept too much since then…

Anyone else notice the lost points that time?


Kinda like when they said “performance enhancements and memory usage optimization for Android”!:hushed::grin: …then I update and check logs finding… :thinking: … allocation errors :pensive:

Edit: Yup still overrunning the GPU memory in this version: http://forums.wardragons.com/t/addressing-the-long-lost-memory-leak/30384/39?u=sovereigntyx79


Hey all,

We just made an update about the 4.30 update here!

TL;DR: We ran into some unforeseen issues buried deep in the code of the Chest Screen updates that were meant to make their way to the game today. For that reason, we’ll be holding off on setting the new screens live until next week’s event, once we’ve cleared this issue. This will also include Drop Rate information, which will become available beginning next week.



Y’all still want me to make a prediction calculator then?


If you could see them, here are the bronze odd as PG says they are:

And here are the gold:

They made some interesting changes to make the odds easier to display.

Most notable is that the guaranteed legendary for opening 10 at once appears to be gone. Instead, they have increased the “standard” odds of a legendary drop from 25% to 33.33333%.

So, before you had 1 chest guaranteed to be legendary and 9 that have a 1 in 4 chance. Now you have 10 with a 1/3 chance. In large enough amounts, this is approximately a 1% increase in legendary drops. In smaller quantities, it is likely that in any given set of 30 gold chests, you will have 1 fewer legendary than you did in the old system. Basically, this isn’t a change, but over time, the change is actually 1% in favor of the players.

Having dealt with this numbers rather intimately, I’m gonna say this change was made to make it easier to give accurate numbers.

I’m posting these images because as much as I’d like to think I’ll have time, I may not.

Again… These are not MY numbers, but PG also didn’t display them in the game… So, technically, they are not PG’s numbers either.


Runic list please…


Thanks :nerd_face:


Not reading through all these posts but my only complaint last time was the need to change the colors of the markers and all, which PG did, so THANK YOU!


Being lazy… But I assume you want to know the new runes?


I note that the chance value is 0 for all runes. Accurate if it’s a measurement of how likely either of us are to actually spend rubies on those things, but otherwise it doesn’t seem right?