Wildfire Attack, Kingdom Wars v2 Updates, New Runes, and More!


@PGCrisis Question: How do you get 5 flames AND use 3 IF? Or…is that just not a thing anymore?


So instead of using Super Attacks we use the same energy for five normal attacks for the 25 flames yeah? Seems like a wash right now, sucker needs to be juiced up to a 20x multiplier to really replace the Bonus Meter.


Wildfire seems good and all but feasibility seems to be limited to one or two per event unless players remember and do 3-5 flame attack every time and even then it takes 16-24 attacks. In a way it seems good because players who do more normal attacks are rewarded more.
No math yet but its clear that bonus meter was much better if we bought 100 energy and did attacks continuously.
Also @PGCrisis can you please tell us about how points achievements are scaled compared to before?
It feels like if you scale up points needed for achievements, it would rather be more disappointing than a good change since with same efforts. Otherwise every other effort will be for naught.


PGSqurl confirmed prize tiers already

For Wildfire, it seems geared towards grinding 4 energy at a time and rewarding that vs supers and stack IF or coining.


Any glyphs?


Thank you, i am not in a very stable state right now to go through all those posts. Thank you for the link.


ya or drastically lower the needed flames…


@PGCrisis Will we still be open to attack the same base several consecutive times without waiting for any kind of cooldown timer? This was the closest thing to raiding available in KWv1.


Just 100x more tedious.


Indeed so :pensive:

Edit: and more costly


I’ll be pissed if I get a mythic warrior attack rune :joy:


Unless you’re endtier or orangish tier, anything but hunter attack is gonna suck, unless you have corth :thinking:


Grinding 4 energy at a time… which means more attacks on top of atlas daily attacks, egg token mission grinding (especially if you don’t have ember at level 1), xp runs, resource runs in fort/feeding, and attacks for other reasons. Any chance on getting a little more healing potions? @PGCrisis


Some great positive changes here guys- loving it!!

Just hope they all work :wink:





@PGCrisis why does the meter system penalize people who use 3 inner fires per attack to gain maximum points. The meter won’t even be used hardly because it only helps those who grind basic attacks, any boosts on your points and it starts penalizing you.


At this point I don’t have enough inner fires to use three with every attack anyway :laughing:


Me too. I’ve only got 12 and I’m saving everything for next season :cold_sweat: :t_rex:


0 EP and 0 IF. RIP


This wildfire is pure crap so much for the bs PGcoffee said about a new improved bonus meter.