Wildfire Attack, Kingdom Wars v2 Updates, New Runes, and More!


Fire Attack〜Good Job!
There was no reason for existence in the flame, there exist reasons for existence.

By Super, Mega Attack, will the amount of flame that can be acquired be 4 times and 30 times?


better than nothing…


Just another poor implementation by PG why am i not surprised


I doubt that. 5 flames per attack max.


I just put together a preliminary spreadsheet to compare 4 basic attack scenarios:

0 inner grind w/ 0 inner WF attack
0 inner grind w/ 3 inner WF
1 inner grind w/ 3 inner WF
3 inner grind w/ 3 inner WF

I assumed attacking for 125 points using normal 4 energy attacks. Will be adding Supers and Megas in a bit and I want to QC it still to make sure I didn’t enter anything wrong as I’m a bit tired still from a long day yesterday, but it’s looking promising for 3 IF grinds followed by 3 IF WF attack (4 energy attacks, 3 flames each)…it looks like one round of the latter can be done with one 100 pack bought while still having 16 energy :thinking:

UPDATE after finishing QC’ing the basics: I did find some typos in my original calcs. It turns out the 3rd attack strategy above is NOT the most efficient. #4 wins overall in both Points/Energy Cost and Points/Time. Not complete with attempt to compare this to Bonus Meter, but all I really cared about now is seeing how to approach the WF attacks. I’ll see about posting a screenshot when I get a chance.

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Thank you. Let’s wait for PG’s response.


They already answered in the FAQ in the OP…


I think @PGCrisis can confirm that the Wildfire attack requires 80 flames, which is 5 :fire: / run tops with no chance of multiplying.

The reason me thinking this, that it is meant to be successor of the bonus meter, which was a blessing for the grinders. Super and Mega attacks don’t fall in that category from any point of view.

And @Lutrus said it well.


This is going to nagatively affect the use of more than 1 IF per attack. Would make more sense, if 5 wildfire is earned with 100% destruction irrespective of the number of dragons used


Think of using more inners each grind attack for its points/time benefit. This may be what they intended.

I may be taking that back, idk yet. Shouldn’t be doing this right now running on fumes lol.

EDIT: Turns out I won’t need to be taking that back. See the update portion in my previous post above.


Sorry, I overlooked.




Well, time to unhide some columns you haven’t seen…

Granted, that is from last time… I think my numbers were pretty close. :slight_smile:

The percentage you have been seeing is the percentage assuming a legendary or epic drop. The one you could not see is the overall percentage. The others are for factoring in the guaranteed legendary when opening 10 and for subtracting that one out of the remaining 9 when doing the odds. The formulas are rather beautiful, if a little complex.


My thoughts if anybody cares to read. I might be wrong but…

Honestly, I have no will to play PvP events because they are useless unless you can spend to get to higher prices. Wildfire won’t change that even a bit.

Excluding all point modifiers:


Let’s say you 5 flame every attack. That is 16 attacks. Each of those 16 attacks is worth 100 points. So you got 1,600 points and you can do a wildfire attack which is 625 points. Total: 2225 points

Bonus meter: You do 16 attacks, each attack adds 5% of points to next attack…

1st attack: 100
2nd attack: 105
3rd attack: 110
4th attack: 115
5th attack: 120
6th attack: 125
7th attack: 130
8th attack: 135
9th attack: 140
10th attack: 145
11th attack: 150
12th attack: 155
13th attack: 160
14th attack: 165
15th attack: 170
16th attack: 175

Total: 2200 (if my math is right) - AWESOME its more then what it used to be


Let’s keep attacking

Next 16 attacks: 2225 points! Yay

Bonus meter:

17th attack: 180
18th attack: 185
19th attack: 190
20th attack: 195
21st attack: 200
22nd attack: 200
23rd attack: 200
24th attack: 200
25th attack: 200
26th attack: 200
27th attack: 200
28th attack: 200
29th attack: 200
30th attack: 200
31st attack: 200
32nd attack: 200

Total: 3150

Obviously next 16 attacks would be all 200 points with bonus meter which is 3200 points compared to 2225 of Wildfire.

This is just based off of initial points with no multipliers.

Now we have to factor in that we need 100% on each base for 16 hits in order to get 80 wildfire energy. This means you cannot go for maximum points which you were used to be able to do in old events with bonus meter. This means you are getting even less points per hit because youre hitting targets that are worth less then 100 points.

I don’t even want to do math for all scenarios possible but the most runs that you would need to run to get 80 wildfire is 27.

27 attacks * 100 + 625 = 3325 points

Bonus meter:

27 attacks = 4350 points (and you keep your 100% bonus meter for any more attacks you want to do)

THIS IS ALL JUST OFF TOP OF MY HEAD, without much thought put behind it.

Do I hate Wildfire? No, it’s free, but don’t think that in any way shape or form this is even close to Bonus meter.

The biggest downside is people have to 100% bases which means they will have to hit lesser targets that they would have to previously. (Which indirectly makes players worse because they are not challenging themselves to get the most points because mediocrity awards most points)…

This is just initial thought, I will be adding more to it later.


80 flames for a 5x multiplier
So 5 flames per hit means it will require 16 hits for a 5x multiplier. Assuming 125 points per hit. That’s 2000 points, add in 1 inner fire per that’s 4000. Then add in a 5x multiplier that’s 4625 points at the cost of 16 inner fires and 64 energy(11 energy packs, accounting for base 16 leaves a remainder of 54 energy)
Going by 3 inner fires. Since it gives 3 flames per hit, you will need to do 27 hits to trigger a wildfire. That translates into 108 energy. So 3 inner fires plus base means 13500 points, adding in the 625 for wildfire 14125 points. Costing 11 energy packs, 81 inner fires, a remainder of 8 energy.
I’ll add in the ratio for value later when I’m not doing the math off the top of my head.


the bonus meter is good for those that can do consecutive attacks while wildfire is okay for casual attacks. You will need to attack at least once every 25 minutes if you want your bonus meter to stay (30 minutes before reset)

wildfire only requires you to hit the required flame points and you can use it anytime you want like maybe later after dinner without affecting anything.


Your math is a little off; you changed the base value attack from 100 for normal attacks to 125 for the Wildfire attack. (You used 625 for the value of the wildfire attack, i.e. 5 x 125, not 5 x 100=500.) Net bonus while “charging” the bonus meter is 1.75/2 = 132.5%; net bonus from wildfire 21/16 = 131.25%. They’re pretty close, bonus meter is slightly better.

But, as you note, the bonus meter pulls ahead during subsequent attacks.

Left out of your calculations was the fact that the bonus meter was paired with the raid feature, which is another +41% energy efficiency; raids also could be used intelligently so that the cheaper raids were done with a mostly/fully charged bonus meter, compounding the bonuses.

tl;dr: wildfire attacks give a lot less points than the bonus meter did.


No. Read above


He might have done that on purpose since it’s the wild fire attack?

Assume the flames earned on wild fire don’t count towards next so no harm hitting harder base and using three dragons?

Just guessing


The wildfire attacks don’t even compare to the way the old bonus meter was so how can you say you listened to the players? All you are doing is earning a free attack with multiplier ever so often so can’t all it a bonus meter imho.:-1: