Wildfire Attack, Kingdom Wars v2 Updates, New Runes, and More!


Het lijkt tot zover erg verbeterd, maar ik zal hierop terugkomen na het evenement oke


Here’s my thoughts, trying to look at both sides of this. I can see all of the points made here, but this is all on the assumption that the vast majority of players could and would sit down and grind out the bonus meter and then do 3 attacks with inner fire on each. I know a lot of players would do that using the old bonus meter, but I don’t think it’s the vast majority.
What you have is 2 scenarios:

  1. do what you did in every other pvp event save for KOTH, and run three attacks with IF to get greater than 70% (you don’t have to get 100% doing it this way to get three flames if I’m thinking correctly) and build up to your wildfire attack more slowly.
  2. try to get 100% with one dragon, or one and a backup (hell you can find someone who’s willing to trade IF with you here for an added bonus) and get the Wildfire meter filled faster.

It gives options, and personally, I’m all for that. I run out of IF waaaaay before I run out of energy in PVP events. So this is something added to work towards when that happens.

Is it the bonus meter as it used to be? No, and I don’t think it’s intended to be. It’s a spiritual successor and compromises both what people loved and hated about it. No the payoff isn’t as great, but neither do you have to worry about losing it if you run out of energy. I see it as a good compromise, but again, that’s just my opinion.

Edit: I do wish the flames required were either a little lower, or that the multiplier was increased


@PGCrisis @PGCoffee can we get some stats on the new runes pls?


To answer if stacking inners each attack all the way up to, and including, the Wildfire attack was going to be counterproductive, here’s a screenshot of that portion of the figures. Assumed 3 min. per attack for the points per hour but it doesn’t matter much. That answers that… problem is there are bigger concerns not shown here. And those inners y’all…


Probably a stupid question but does one wildfire attack and the regular attacks used to get a wildfire attack give more or less points than just stacking 3 inner fires for 17 attacks? (The 16 to get it plus the wildfire)


I’m not sure I understand your question completely, but using 3 IF for 16 attacks would give you WAY more points than just 16 regular attacks plus a single wildfire attack.


That’s what I meant thanks!


17 inner stacked attacks: 8500
16 regular attacks plus the Wildfire (no inners): 2625 points

This is a useless comparison, though. 11 more stacked inner attacks will get you the Wildfire to get a total of 14,334 points.

All depends what you’re trying to accomplish.


Impressive sovereign you’re able to do 2/3rds of an attack.
Some other questions for @PGCrisis do the flames of the wildfire attack count for a new wildfire hit? Can inner fires be used on the hit? If so do they apply the base multiplier or the wildfire multiplier? Does the wildfire hit require energy too? Does wildfire expire?


I’m so surprised that nobody pointed out this unexpected factorial :joy::joy::rofl:



Thanks for trying to listen, however I am afraid this is not much better than what it was. Let’s assume the goal is 42K points required for the 1.2K team sigils prize for moderate spenders.

Let me start with the
About 25% more points on PVE is great. Thank you.


1. Lowered Hex HP: Good but not good enough given a weak bonus meter and no deterioration meter. If bonus meter and deterioration is fixed as per suggestion below, it would be good. The way it is, sand-bagging teams can now control half the map even in very active diamond 2 league.

2. Wildfire: Something is better than nothing but this something is no way comparable to bonus meter. Read why below although some ppl have already explained it.

2.1 Wildfire is good but weak:
Lets assume I am moderate spender, and do Super attacks (neither normal nor mega). Assume I get 4 flames per attack, so I need 20 attacks to get 1 Wildfire attack which is 25% better than a super. Thus, I get 6.25% bonus points with the Wildfire which could go to 75% with earlier bonus meter. In case you think this is getting back the bonus meter then let me tell you, 6.25% is less than 1/10 of 75%. So you gave us a bonus meter that’s 1/10 in power. Even if you consider average bonus meter value at 50% (because it takes time to charge) its still bad, ~1/7th of the original bonus meter.

In case I am a spender and I do mega attacks only, this sucks even more and gives about ~2% bonus. We need 30 K points from 40 team members to get the 1.2 K sigils prize. For normal attackers, it is about 15% which is better but getting 30K points with normal attacks is very difficult.

I understand you want to reward grinders. But 20 gold runs+ 20 egg token runs + 20 event runs = 4 Hrs of gaming per day right there. Add planning, chatting, food runs, helping others and we are looking at 6+ hrs per day. This is a game, not supposed to be a full-time job.

There were 3 major problems with this event.

  1. Your starting position decides your fate. If you are stuck besides very aggressive teams, you are screwed. This has not been addressed. I hope we are better positioned, but that’s just hope and at least 5 teams in my Diamond 2 league will be screwed for sure…

  2. A decay meter for old hexes! There are teams who love sandbagging or bullying. Basically, they can be ranked top 3 in upper league but they chose to stay in lower league and have 10 times score of the rank 2 team (I am not kidding). With the low hex cost they are just gonna spread to every team they dislike or isn’t their pet. What was needed is a decay meter, when a hex is held for long duration, it gives more points. That is missing, you can potentially exclude the hex adjacent to starting points of teams. If a team capture a monument, there should be some shield time or absence of deterioration bonus meter. More on this in suggestions below.

  3. Prizes: With a 6% bonus meter, and a prize system that’s at least 2 times more difficult. The prizes will not be worth it. As pointed out by @Coach

Unknown: Update to level 250+ bases? This was never requested by anyone. Actually many people lauded the 250 and 350 bases. I hope this is not a screw up.

So now, I wait and hope that I am placed in a peace loving corner where enemy teams don’t spend $1000’s per week for a game. If not, then I hear God of War is amazing on PS4 and my wife would love more time with me :slight_smile:

Agree with @NotPanda The 5 flame rule discourages use of inner fire… (BTW: LoL, what were they thinking banning your account on forums. Of course you will create an alt :smile: ),
Agree with @Coach (BTW: Love your base design)

If attack was successful (greater than 70%).

  • Every attack should count as 5 flames
  • Every IF should count as 5 flames
  • Super should count as 15 flames (33% penalization instead of 20)
  • Mega should count as 40 flames (40 instead of 150, for penalizing mega spenders)
  • Fire bonus should go till 400 flames allowing 5 wild fire attacks. You know last 15 mins, 5 attacks, it makes more sense for some events like coliseum.

Add a deterioration meter where attackers get

  • Negative 50% points if hex is held by enemy less than 1 hr
  • 0% more points if hex is held by enemy for 3 hrs
  • 15% more points if hex is held by enemy for 6 hours
  • 30% more points if hex is held by enemy for 9 hrs
  • 45% more points if hex is held by enemy for 12 hrs
  • 60% more points if hex is held by enemy for 15 hrs
  • 75% more points if hex is held by enemy for 18 hrs
  • 90% more points if hex is held by enemy for 21 hrs
  • 105% more points if hex is held by enemy for 24 hrs
  • 120% more points if hex is held by enemy for 30 hrs
  • 135% more points if hex is held by enemy for 36 hrs
  • 150% more points if hex is held by enemy for 42 hrs
  • 165% more points if hex is held by enemy for 48 hrs
  • 180% more points if hex is held by enemy for 54 hrs
  • 195% more points if hex is held by enemy for 60 hrs
  • 200% over 72 hrs

The most important thing in a game is: It should be fun and fair. How does: having more money to spend means being winner, make any sense? If it is, create a game, whoever buys the most rubies is winner. Why even bother with dragons and buildings and attacks and all that. Very simple game, spend more money to win. No need for anything else… With mega coins that is what you have done :frowning: . Might I suggest removing mega coins from all events where energy resets in 24 hrs.

Here is the link to my original post as a review for the older version of Kingdom war


Kingdom (Boring Wallet) wars

tl;dr most of the replies

Ugh, just ugh.

I really wish PG employees were required to PLAY the game a certain number of hours a day for a certain length of time BEFORE they could recommend making ANY changes to the game, much less IMPLEMENTING them.

Sorry, that is my opinion. It is an effort towards making it better, but the event still sucks, random placement, etc and the return of the bonus meter? No way. You are giving yourselves WAY too much credit.


I sense sarcasm here? If so i believe I already saw what your seeing, and yeah it’s definitely quite laughable.


My head hurts. Can someone please just tell me how to earn best points for the event when I only have 50 IF :joy:


I think it is a good thing in the sense that some will be less likely to spam megas all event…


Those who spam Megas will continue to spam Megas…this does nothing to dissuade that behavior.


A lot of the replies on here have some good points. The new feature does not seem to be near as effective as the bonus meter, however it is better then nothing.

My personal oppion, pvp events are about team work, fighting as a team, and working towards those 5 flames as a team. So, make it so if someone backs your event attack, those flames work towards THEIR meter too. Rather then cutting the amount of flames down from 80, put something in places that boosts teamwork. Adding to this even more to make it competive, reward people bonus flames for successfully defending a base for events. So not only are you trying to stop people from taking points from your team, but if you successfully defend your teammates you can then use those points (flames) towards your attack.


Don’t want to be a negative Nancy but the only scenario I see this working is for ppl who have a league full of weak opponents compared to their dragons. Wait :flushed: did PG again encourage sandbagging or terrorizing low level leagues?

Let’s look at this from a sapphire 1-d1 perspective. Yeah yeah not everyone is in these leagues… jeez just wait till I’m done.

To get maximum points the chance is very high that you need to hit high lv 300s to lv 600s, most likely you will hit a lot of 400s. If these are defended only super kelvin can make a perfect solo there unless you have a worthy backer. But even if and you outplay the defenders and solo 16 times with EXCELLENT flawless flying you end up with (let’s say 130 points is the base case and your follower gifts also each time a inner fire) (130 x 3 x 16)+7x130 = 7.150 points.

Condition you 5 flame every time defended 400s without any failure. Probability (if bases aren’t hyper crap and you and your follower don’t have max legendary gear sets) close to 0. But it’s a theory.

Now you do the same with a backer and you use 3 inner fires and he gifts one. You will get 17 flames bc you swap at 70%. 130 x 4 x 17 = 8.840 points.

So those who have inner fires and follow the old system are better off than using that tiny tiny 5x bonus which is in my eyes nothing for having to attack at least 16 times in a (backed) solo.

This system encourages excellent flying? I say it encourages dropping down in leagues for better personal prizes.

To solo with a backer a defended 400 you’ll be 2-3 mins in the attack for 130 points. To solo alone a lv 6 account in bronze for 100 or 90 points you fly less than 20 seconds. And get that bonus attack roughly every 5-6 mins.

This new thing forces honest players to grind WAY HARDER for a not even noticeable bonus which can go further and further away when you factor in great bases and even better defenders.

And please, PLEASE don’t come with „but it’s better than nothing“. It is simply not worth the time unless your goal is to end this event with 2-5k points and super occasional playing.

The majority in the bigger leagues won’t do 80 super or 80 mega attacks. They won’t even get this handful of points in an event which is maxed out at 100.000+ points. Grinding is so 2015. At this time it was worth it to fly 25 attacks per 100 energy. In these days super or for ppl who are just bored af with the same repetitive over and over pvps with different names and the exact same content megas for the win.

Don’t get me wrong I loved the bonus meter bc it felt good to get after 15 attacks buffed points and I’ve never kept it going. I did it when I had the time and it was fun and rewarding. Combined with the raid button of KOTH a pvp was just enjoyable. Same for team gauntlet where you had the bonus meter ready for pvps and annihilated the opponents sometimes in under 2 mins.

Mega coins were the only true successor of the bonus meter and they made grinding obsolete and events boring.

Wildfires can’t even remotely change this. It’s surely a nice thing for the non spenders with their super op devines who can destroy everything in their league out of the egg or for ppl who have zero inner fires and the will to grind every free energy to get a handful of prizes at least.

Worthless for higher leagues who want to get the final team prize with 40 members.


The one guy soloing bronze might make a return :rofl:


Should I try to get a mythic hunter damage rune and replace my Aibrean’s epic spring’s renewal rune with it instead or should I just save the hunter for next season?