Wildfire Attack, Kingdom Wars v2 Updates, New Runes, and More!


Can we change the “PG employees” to “PG Financers/Employers”.


I think you should wait to see what the odds are of getting that rune, since they’re adding drop rates. Most likely it’ll be quite hard to get without spending a good amount of rubies. Try your luck if you wish but I’d personally save your rubies for next season.
Unless, of course, that hunter damage rune is a seriously effective rune and you absolutely need it. Keep in mind that Aibrean already has a very decent damage-increasing spell. If you do decide to go for the rune, I’d suggest putting it on another useful hunter or saving it. :t_rex:


Okay, thanks Hellraptor!


No problem. I personally don’t bother with Runic Chests, but hey, you might just get lucky :man_shrugging: :t_rex:


I might save my rubies then, I’m never lucky on the runic chests but it might be worth a shot getting one chests.


Bet its only up to 10% buff which isnt much, of course better than nothing but honestly probably best for warriors bc they need it the most, and hunters(obvioisly)

Is there a verified amount yet?


I don’t think they’ve confirmed stats, unless I’ve missed something. :t_rex:


Let me check


Actually someone backing your event attack does not increase their flames towards Wildfire


Nope. There’s no drop rate posted for the new runes on the runic chest…yet.


Everybody got excited when they see the pseudo-bonus meter, but most lost their minds when they found out the mechanics. :man_shrugging:


That’s quite common. Ppl cheer first and think later.

Well not all thankfully


Thank God.

I was worried they meant just 5x and not 5!


Probably matches leos hp runes


You’re not the only one. It is most definitely not the kind of bonus meter that was clammored for… pinning it to *flames earned makes it more of a cost than a reward since the ‘bonus’ run almost certainly won’t amount to much more points (if at all) than if you stack IF’s on 16 runs at 5 flames that it would take to achieve the bonus… so, basically, it likely will be treated like the Team Rewards and essentially have to be reminded to claim it after 27 or so stacked runs… in the end it’s more than nothing as long as teammates don’t change their strategies as a result…

  • = edit


Correct, i was suggesting changing it so that the backer would get some credit, making getting the 80 flames a bit easier and team effort


Ahhh gotcha. Didn’t read carefully enough :+1:t2:


I actually like Nickupz idea.

But yeah, id rather see one of the 4,765,345 changes this event needs before they tweak the supposed bonus meter.



Seriously I have a feeling the GPF, it was something like…lets do A! Everyone agree, A sounds good…haha jk we are going to do B.


Inner fires, supers, and presumably wildfires too all stack additively with each other, so it doesn’t matter how you combine them. Applying 1 inner fire to a 124-point target always gets you an additional 124 points, applying 2 always gets you an additional 248, etc., and it doesn’t matter whether this is a normal/super/wildfire attack. For max points, just use your multipliers (IFs / any supers or wildfires you do) against targets with high base values. It has the strategic depth of a mud puddle.