Wildfire Attack, Kingdom Wars v2 Updates, New Runes, and More!


This time we have to consider wildfire though as using more than one IF yourself in an attack requires more dragons and thus fewer flames. I haven’t done the math on that personally. It should be fairly simple if we can still attack the same target multiple times but if not it gets complicated


Dont act like you dont love to do math…


We should all know by now that War Dragons is actually Sandbag Dragons in disguise. Off to Bronze I go!


You’re right. I’m so glad for the opportunity to make spreadsheets and use the calculus I never thought I would actually have an application for :upside_down_face:


Oh, sorry. Inner fires still give way more of a bonus than wildfire does, so in cases where they conflict, prioritize IF usage. If you’re super grindy and you just want the maximum score possible with your 50 IF, do 50 attacks with 1 inner fire equipped each time against the top man on the enemy team while they hold a major monument, and 5-flame them every time because you are unstopabble; you’ll get 3 wildfire attacks along the way.


You need calculus for this? You might be math-ing wrong :joy::joy:


That sounds right but no blanket advice anymore lol


There’s now just too much thinking involved in deciding your runs. Do you:

  1. Attack high and get more points but not 5-flame?
  2. Attack lower and 5-flame, get less points but get the wildfire faster?
  3. To use IF or not, that is the question…

This is Math Dragons…


Only if we can’t hit the same target multiple times but me mathing wrong is a definite possibility :rofl:


Depends on how many IF we have.
I’ve never got enough, so one IF/raid seems better…


Mech likes optimization dragons and keeping secret maths for his team and friends :nerd_face:


Share your secret sauce… FRIEND… :joy:


Lend me Fred… :dragon:
I need him to help me calculate things…


It’s up there in a screenshot…way up there by now I presume.


Yup I saw :+1:
Not quite all the information I was looking for but I’m looking for a lot tbf :joy::see_no_evil:


It is significantly less complicated than Tic Tac Toe.


I think we’d all like them to fix the “unable to setup atlas” that I get every 5-10 minutes. And put Neptus in the top 3 dragons (when appropriate). That issue made debugging a questionable situation recently rather difficult and pointed out some additional bugs, such as…

Sometimes the ordering of names in your recently attacked by list is reverse (when there’s two) or just incorrect.

The level of the dragon and the name and level of the person flying at that moment needs to be clearly visible, as well as in replays.


Did anyone at all actually think we were ever going to have a true bonus meter in the same event with mega coins? Because that would be a pretty effective way to instantly kill the game


Best suggestion: we need a damn raid button


I don’t think raid is compatible with super and mega, and PG likes Mega… :smirk: