Wildfire Attack, Kingdom Wars v2 Updates, New Runes, and More!


I don’t think mega is compatible with fun


I wholeheartedly agree


PG is quickly becoming incompatible with fun too.


Honestly not to sound negative, I see what they were trying to do, but it seems they forgot to make sure the cure wasn’t worse than the disease.

In concept I can see how you shouldn’t force spenders to grind, but allowing unrestricted score manipulation via money completely removed many grinders from competition. Furthermore someone will always spend more so the grinding that previously existed results in the same amount of work or more but now focused on sheer spend. If you give a spender back an hour or two, they will use that time to ensure their victory, which results in other spenders having to do the same or get no results, and now the original problem is not solved plus non spenders are not able to make much of an impact even when working together as a well oiled machine.

So it’s just my opinion, but what we did was make events about personal points only for most, and a tug of wallets for others. With a net of more time wasted not less…

So yeah. I’m not interested in spending like that. Events have turned into personal points for sigils only.


Lol yeah, well that one question kept showing up so that’s all I got in the screenshots.

Maybe more later… :wink:




Just checked the other thread. No answer yet. I’m guessing it will remain to be possible to attack same base…at least blackbloods


Looks more like it’s gonna be dependent on how many inners you want to dish out.


I just want to stop seeing this



must be an android thing :man_shrugging:




There corrected for you. :grin::ok_hand:


Same difference :joy:



Half of a “free energy” machine right there. Does that count? PG, can we get a generator hooked up to that windmill in the next update? Thanks in advance!! :hugs:


100 energy = 5 super
16 hours of a day = 4x16 energy = 16 normal runs

Total 21 runs should contribute more or less 1 wildfire on day closure.

That’s normal day schedule considering 8 hour sleep and playing after every 4 hour break for refill. Correct? I know there are small parameters but ignoring them for rough calculations.


That’s considering all 5 flame attacks or 4 flame attacks. In event runs, where we typically attack much higher and quit at 70% it will stop working. So we have to choose lower targets.
Doable, but lower targets that’s all.


Yes. 1 wildfire should be easy.


I don’t understand why it’s ok to do over 600 megas in one event. Destroys the need for people to even try and spend. We basically laughed the entire kingdom wars because certain players mega coined half the map. Let me know when you control the mega coins at all on this event. It was a literal joke to watch players spend 20k inner fires and 6k energy packs and rule the entire map.


I think this is designed to help people without loads of inner fires or megas get points which is great. I don’t think the bigger attacks should reward more flames for wildfire, that would just unbalance the scoring even further to favour those that just lay down mega after mega.

I go through at least 100 energy a day, I like that that will now reward me with an extra attack for
free- I don’t have unlimited inner fires so will just
spread them out in my attacks, I’ll still get the same points from them it’ll just be a bit slower lol :woman_shrugging: