Wildfire Attack, Kingdom Wars v2 Updates, New Runes, and More!


The wildfire doesn’t replace the bonus meter at all. If anything they should go together, even if the prizes would need a tweak.
It will still work okish against non live based though


I like the basic idea of every X attacks you get a bonus but not a fan of the execution :sweat_smile:


Wait just a second…
If the Wildfire attack’s multiplier is 5!, and it’s multiplier is still less than of the mega coin, does that mean that the mega coin will be buffed to 30! :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:
Or maybe it will just be 6! so that the ratio of 6:1 is still in effect…


Sounds like me lately and I’m not even a spender.

I regret nothing :rofl:


But, you DIDN’T “revive” it. You burried it like you have burried all good things, and introduced instead a cheap imitation which has little or no resemblence to the feature we actually found to be beneficial and useful.

I see a lot of fancy words and positive spin in this announcement, but it really reeks of a snake-oil salesman trying to push what is essentially a polished turd.


Just out of interest @PGCrisis on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being just as good as the bonus meter and 1 being we may as well not have bothered how would you say this ranks?

If you think this is anywhere near the bonus meter it’s a joke. I look forward to the stupidly hard prizes again. This event is a complete farce and sadly representative of how out of touch PG are with their player base.


Can we use inner between wildfire attack ?


If you want to use many wildfire you’ll have to attack underleveled players as stated, but you’ll need too a lot of energy packs.
Good to see new stuff being implemented, but this one sits halfway on promoting more spending.
Imo the game as a lot of room for improving, but I wouldn’t say PG doesn’t listen to us, just that it takes time and sometimes needs further tweaking


i’d still prefer the old bonus meter over wildfires…


I hate to break it to you guys, but Bonus Meter is officially dead. Maybe a separate forum topic where we can say our last goodbye…
ohhh poor Bonus Meter… :sob:


To call Wildfire a “Bonus Meter” feature is a joke…this in no way resembles the bonus meter. Trying to package it as such is ridiculous. Just be honest and call it a new, not very helpful feature.


i like the looks of this. hopefully kingdom wars will be more balanced than it was.


At least it’s a progress…
Let’s see next event and respond later then


Doesn’t Wildfire activation require 5 flame attacks? Which means no dragon swapping for Inner Fire stacking… I’d say it’s less than nothing… it’s an outright useless impediment lol.

If that’s not accurate, someone (anyone) please explain it properly.


Its not necessary to do any 5 flame attacks.
You need to get 80 flames in any number of attacks to activate wildfire attack. Its best to use it as soon as you get 80 flames, since the flames won’t stack above 80.
That means, once you get 80 flames, the future flames won’t be counted towards next wildfire attack unless you use up the wildfire attack.





I’m pretty sure 1 IF will get you 100 additional points, regardless of the base value of the target.

It used to stack differently… but in game years, that was a long time ago now.


On the bright side, it looks like I may not need to do my drop predictions any more.

I will do them one last time… Although, I’m sure misrepresenting odds is probably far worse than not having them. So, I do not think it likely my numbers will deviate from the ones PG provides.


It actually gives points equal to base point of attack currently.
It was as you said in some events before, which i forgot already.
But currently, IF adds equivalent of base points to the points obtained.


I’m reminded of a certain allegorical cave. . .