Wildfire Attack, Kingdom Wars v2 Updates, New Runes, and More!


I’m sure I missed it somewhere, but I’ve gone back over the thread and not seen it. What are the initial calculations on how to get flames, simplified? Does each dragon used provide a flame? Each inner fire used provide a flame? But then I see people saying you can get flames faster by going 100% completion with using inner fire. I just confused. Can someone point me in the right direction?


To get 5 flames you either must kill 99% of the base with 1 dragon or with 1 dragon and 1 backer.

Other people appear to have already started the maths, so I may forego it…

I would be inclined to think that if you do not have a lot of IF, your best bet is to go with a heavy as a backer and maybe they will be willing to trade IFs with you (so you “back” them and drop an IF for them, since they gave you one).

BUT… my initial response is the bonus is small enough that it doesn’t matter. Play like you normally would, and when you happen to get the bonus run, then use it with two backers on the best target you can find. (i.e., stack 5 IF, since flames don’t matter on this run).


So flames are just based on the “normal” flames you receive from each attack? All this business of IF and such is just about points and not getting Wild fire faster.

This means that no matter what the fastest way of getting wild fire is 100% (99%) 16 attacks; the rest is just noise from maximizing points?


That is correct to the best of my understanding.

You cannot get it fast no matter what. It requires a minimum of 16 attacks. There is nothing you can do to speed that up. Now… the question is “What gets the most points?”

My off-the-cuff answer is “play like you have before.” The “bonus” matters almost not at all. We all know it’s not 5!, just 5x… So, even if you manage to kill the one worth 130 points, who cares? It’s slightly better than doing the same thing with a super attack… it just happens to be “free.” Ofc, I do have a value on my time. So does my employer. So do the people in my life.

PG has made it pretty clear that players’ time is meaningless to them. Think of all the recent additions, that because of time constraints, are impossible to grind. You could have a bot play 24/7, and without spending (past or current), you cannot obtain them.

Maximal reasonable effort from a high level grinder in a good league on a good team should make almost everything achievable, but it does not. Not even close.


I’m with luffy on this one, I checked it last kingdom wars and if I used IF on a 125 target, I got 250 points vs 225.

Edit: quoting what luffy said for clarity.


Then I stand corrected.


I was under the impresion that IFs just increased the point multiplyer by 1
0 IFs gives attack points + (base points x 0)
x1 + x0 = x1 normal, x4 + x0 = x4 super, x30 + x0 = x30 mega
1 IFs gives attack points + (base points x 1)
x1 + x1 = x2 normal, x4 + x1 = x5 super, x30 + x1 = x31 mega
2 IFs gives attack points + (base points x 2)
x1 + x2 = x3 normal, x4 + x2 = x6 super, x30 + x2 = x32 mega
3 IFs gives attack points + (base points x 3)
x1 + x3 = x4 normal, x4 + x3 = x7 super, x30 + x3 = x33 mega
Was this not the case?

Edit: So the new wild fire attacks would follow the same logic
x5 + x0 = x5 with 0 IFs, x5 + x1 = x6 with 1 IF, x5 + x2 = x7 with 2 IFs, x5 + x3 = x8 with 3 IFs

BTW, is it possible to use a total of 5 IFs in an attack if your teammates use an IF when they join?


That’s another way of saying what I’m saying; yes you’re examples have been my experience.


FWIW, I believe for at least one of the events in recent circulation, the detailed point breakdown would actively lie to you and tell you each inner fire was (as you originally said) a flat +100, despite just adding the base value. I remember being confused by this at the time until eventually concluding that it was using base points. :man_shrugging: It’s sort of like how the “portion of base destroyed” multiplier is a discontinuous function tracking the actual percentage destroyed until 70% and then jumping to 100%.


The event would be Team Gauntlet

Edit: Add example link …


Yes it is possible to use 5 inner fires if you have 2 backers who both use them too


I remember that! Wasn’t it just because they left off the % when they said +100? There have been PLENTY of typos in the rules.


Does anyone know if we will be able to hit the same target over and over for the next 6 days or if we have to go through multiple targets on a particular team. It was pointed out above but didn’t see where this was covered one way or the other.


One of the legacy events actually did add them in this way. I suspect at one point all events have a flat 100 points, probably before the bonus meter existed.

I want to say the last pvp event we had lied about how points were calculated slightly by showing a +(100*innerfires) when the numbers didn’t add up unless it was 100innerfires.

Although I did like how the details were hidden until you clicked the ? button to expand details.

EDIT: Here is a screenshot of the wrong battle report.


Why don’t we just make 100% destruction necessary. Also attacking 100 levels over your own for points to count. See…I could run PG.

Let’s also toss in a 25% reduction in points if no defenders present.

If it wasn’t abundantly clear, I think the wildfire thing is complete and utter garbage that will satiate only the most mentally feeble among us, but I’m sure some ass kissing PG fans will chime in soon.


To defend a somewhat unpopular position:

I did not like the bonus meter and i am happy it is dead. Fundamentally the bonus meter rewarded selfish players over team oriented ones, because players were highly incentivized to energy hoard and then attack in large chunks till they had zero energy. So for a normal pvp event, you would get max points if you bought a few hundred energy every day and then used them in one massive burst at the end of the event. This meant you wouldnt help your team the entire event. So selfish players were rewarded over unselfish ones. I will confess to feeling guilty about maximizing my own points and neglecting team in some events, especially ones like conquer the world and old capture the flag.

In contrast, I like the wildfire mechanic. It adds an extra level of strategy and rewards players attacking ehen their team needs them to. The implementation could use some improvements as has been detailed elsewhere. It for sure cannot replace the points provided by the bonus meter.

So heres my suggestion. For every successful attack (normal, super, or mega doesnt matter) where you get at least one flame, increase the wildfire counter by 1 up to a maximum of 30. This allows players to grind megas if they so choose but makes it time consuming enough that spenders gonna still mega. It means that everybody can contribute on events that have high mega requirements such as gauntlet and pits. It doesnt really affect the normal course of attacking since the wildfire component is only based off successful attacks, not inner fires, and promotes people attacking successfully. It also increases the value of normal attacks slightly, thereby satisfying the large low spending player base without crimping spenders’ attack habits. It meaningfully rewards grinders which is something pgjared and pgeggtoken have mentioned on the forums before. Suggestions to further improve the idea are welcome.


The wildfire “meter” should be based on successful attacks, not flames. This just wasn’t thought through very much.

If they ran this through the Players Faction thing, they failed us miserably.


Most people attack in chunks. How does this change that?


That picture shows that 3 IF gave 300 points.

But I see now what the others were saying. 1001.25 is 125… and 300 would be 425. So, each one must be 100% of the 125, since 4125 = 500. I’ll admit to not looking at the numbers closely–just recalling what I saw.

They did not always work this way. Neither did the base points. I can recall getting well above 2k points in a single super run … I think my highest was around 2400 with full bonus meter and 4 IF, hitting a target far beyond my ability. Still–was very satisfying to grind up to a max bonus after stockpiling energy for a few days, and then just hitting the supers (usually the lack of IF made stacked supers more profitable). You made something that felt like progress, even as a relatively smaller player.

Now, I think you see numbers that big (well, at least that big, since it’s 30x) if you pay for the Megas.

This is sad.


I believe all the major events do this? It’s a constant tension between what is good for you as an individual and what is good for the team. Generally, the team gets more VP by attacking the team with the most VP. Generally, the team on the top has the highest number of active defenders and a greater proportion of higher bases. So, if you cannot take out the top dogs, then you scroll, and scroll, until you find the guy worth 90 points that you can take if he’s got one defender.

So, I would not say the Bonus Meter did anything that the events themselves do not already do.