Will be any change in Gauntlet?

Hello, we found out that the next event is Gauntlet. As we hoped and you said there will be some changes in the Gauntlet, since it caused serious discussions in most of the teams and between the members. Some even separate their own team to get points there. Can we get those changes for the upcoming Gauntlet please? @PGGalileo

Note: Ofc without bugs. Please don’t waste your time with posting “this will bring other bunch of glitches” like messages guys… (edit: i meant the people who won’t want any change since they think it comes along with new bugs)

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I don’t think PG ever posts a message saying something similar to that. They want us to figure out the bugs and report it to them, so they can sort it out in a mini update or so.

No i meant the others, people will come and say “we don’t want any change, since it brings new glitches to the game” are the ones who i was talking about.


You actually want PG to tamper with Gauntlet like the last time?

I’ll be that guy. No problem.

The last major revamp went SO well it had to be canned and they even got the replacement event wrong. How much abuse do you enjoy?

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