Will Sigil chest come back before December 5th again or no?

Trying to see what to do with my rubies

I don’t recall PG confirming either way this season, but the last two weekends of a season have had special sigil chests of some sort since last year’s winter season, so it seems likely. Unless you need them now to finish a close tier of breeding prizing for a sigil reward, it’d be best to wait and see.

@PGJared Any chance of official confirmation?

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Yeah I need 9 more unlocks for spindra to breed moonfang.

Generally we don’t announce that stuff ahead of time.

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But we all know its coming… :smiley:

Well if you are so close to finish all three main branches to Obsidian and unlock Moonfang you should definitely try to go for it. Otherwise it’s up to you

Yeah but you don’t always get lucky with gold chests , I have 35k rubies so I’ll wait for an announcement if sigil chest won’t come back then I’ll try my luck with gold. Thanks everyone for your replies :blush:

Sigils chests always came back twice at the end of the season, don’t worry too much. :wink:

Just curious why you didn’t buy them when they were available the past few days. Bird in the hand and all… They “should” come back this coming weekend based on last couple of seasons.

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