Will the Crystal Howitzer Branch be available in the fall season?

I’ve seen some people saying it won’t be continuing when Sunscorch ends, is this true?

thought devs said that the branch will be available for future season, no?

Hi, the answer to this was posted here. Hope it helps.

Thanks both of you I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get it if I didn’t invest sigils into it this season


you can close this, @moderators.

the Q’s been answered.

I would still worry if I were you tbh. While they say there will be some availability, we don’t know if it will be adequate. (Of course it could be more than adequate and become the next junk resource - it’s anybody’s guess!)
The howitzer branch is also a great source of critical timers.


Yep this. I already have a howitzer and I’m still getting that line for sure.


Yea I’m choosing it over Hugo and then getting Hugo entirely with SSCs as a fourth branch :sweat_smile:

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I just get both for the loz

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The howitzer branch was worth getting just for the timers along, plus good gold chests (though not as good as last season).

I just wonder if after this we’ll get another rss line of some kind. Those timers have had a huge impact on progress. Without them it’ll be a significant step backwards. Im expecting though that the festive getting keys will function as a replacement… which will suck

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I talked about a timer branch like a egg branch didn’t believe it gotten alot of traction though

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