Will the Halloween Celebrations Return? 🎃

With Halloween being a week away, I was wondering if we will see a return of the Halloween branch like we used to. People enjoy the holiday lines, getting special and unique stuff like the Necryx and Headless Horsman Portraits. Im confident that I speak for nearly everyone when I say that last year we were pretty disappointed that PG skipped doing one at all and didnt even acknowlege it. Other than the forum contest (which is fun but not actually part of the game), will there be anything in game to celebrate the holiday?

People have been less than thrilled with this current fall season, given all the issues we’ve seen and still see. Something to celebrate the holiday (that isnt a pack in the store) would be very much appreciated

I also feel confident in saying that most people are getting really disappointed seeing PG doing very little anymore like they used to. We would really like to see more effort being put into things to keep people interested. Very little news is coming out, very little engagement, very little content. Most of the things people used to enjoy like these holiday lines, special promotions, the full base skins or even the charitable fundraisers have all been discontinued. Now it’s the same boring stuff over and over again. We need something to get us excited again.


Chuck dressed as Axi!!! Make that the halloween portrait this year! Or chuck just dressed as forums favorite dragons :eyes:


If they don’t come out with something during Halloween or Christmas then I think The Grinch has taken over their headquarters.

Very sad to see them disappointing us like this every year. You don’t want people going away from this game. You want people to stay around longer and new comers to enjoy it.


The silence is audible
:cricket: :cricket: :cricket:


If there is a tell tail sign of the end this season could easily be seen as that.

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Perhaps you would be able to answer this? Will we be seeing any special line/content (other than the forum art contest) to celebrate Halloween this year?

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Again protest for chunk dressed in costumes of loved dragons for a portrait OOOOOR!!! maybe make those costumes as skins for chunk? :thinking::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I for one would probably pay that that headless horseman portrait :upside_down_face: started the season after that portrait was out :smiling_face_with_tear:


Still no reply to this and its halloween. Thats kinda sad and a waste of a chance to boost intrest in the game again

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Yep, seems like they’re just ignoring us at this point and dont care much anymore. Really sad to see. They used to actually do stuff for the holidays but now there’s nothing.


The portraits and the base being reskinned for free to match the hoildays always used to make me happy. The skelton whale and the muddy water for Halloween. The snow on the groud and the trees being decorated for Christmas. They were nice, now its nothing :confused:


What do you expect?

It would be nice if they at least attempted to pretend to care about the players
:woman_shrugging: :person_shrugging: :man_shrugging:

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This would be awesome. I’d love a series of Chunk cosplaying as other dragons portraits. Unfortunately it doesnt look like we’re getting anything at all yet again and they couldnt even be bothered to say anything. The forums seem to be getting pretty dead in the way of PG responses. I dont know why communication has come to a dead stop but it doesnt send a very good message about the direction the game is heading. If they cant be bothered to support the players then I see no reason to continue to support them.


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


(this is directed at whomever is in charge of the seasonal lines and promotions)
We are really disappointed here. Another year in which PG does absolutely nothing for Halloween, doesnt even acknowledge it, and ignores us. The pumpkin lines were one of the most popular things that you guys did and for some reason they’ve been done away with. This was a chance for you guys to earn some good will after this highly disappointing and problematic season. Instead we get more disappointment. I dont know about others but Im finding very little motivation to log in each day anymore and stuff like this just makes me lose further interest. It’s very sad to see how little yall are even supporting the game anymore.
This may not seem like a big deal to you guys but it is just another swing of the axe into the tree. Each swing adds to the ones before it and you guys are doing absolutely nothing to prevent it.


I actually kept thinking (hoping) that one of the new replies on this thread was going to be from pg. Even just a response saying “sorry we just don’t have the time/rss right now for anything Halloween related”, perhaps even “we hope to be able to do something for Christmas”. Noelle was an amazing gift and the daily log ins made it fun, I still enjoy using him during the tier based events. Im sure it was even cooler for newer players just starting the game. Either way it was something that showed pg appreciates their customers, and gave us all something to look forward to and talk about with our teammates.
Heck it doesn’t even have to be as elaborate as that, it could be anything that shows pg is still around trying to do fun things for the community. As zero has mentioned, even just some sort of a response to these type of threads would be appreciated. It’s really starting to feel like we have been abandoned and the growing silence definitely isn’t helping.

Holding onto a glimmer of hope that we aren’t just being silenced without any sort of response, otherwise closing this thread is even worse then not responding to it imo.


Same, I was hoping they would at least say something about it. Apparently they couldnt even manage to do that

It really is. At this point now anytime I do see a staff member post part of me is half expecting it to be about them finally shutting things down. They’re really not even trying to draw in new players or keep the ones they have. It’s just crickets and tumbleweeds

Edit - Wow, so dragonpunch couldnt be bothered to reply and give us any info but he could just close the topic. Very professional of him