Will there be a bonus dragon this season?

Will there be a bonus dragon this season like Anuba and nydyr?

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leo is.
he was discounted the first 2 weeks

No I mean like the dragons which start at red tier. Just curious,

It was stated there was (at the time) plans to have a second rider rather than a second bonus dragon.

I expect this is still true, but will probably not be released until the 2 new dragons have been given a week or two (just my guess) to stagger releases.

Oh okay, I must have missed that thanks :grin:
Any avatar for the new rider?

I heard it’s an avatar of a pan and a hammer. @pgjared let’s make it happen :hugs::hugs::hugs:

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Just… SMH :joy:
Is that a meme or something lol.


There will be a second rider in place of the bonus dragon

It comes from these messages:

and especially this response:

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