Will there be another discount week in this season?

I know There will be +20% branch in 6th week. But no more discount branch in this season?
If there will be, im gonna save sigils till then.

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No more discounts after week 2.


They have stopped doing three discounts because in SunScorch (Hauhezen and Lockjaw’s season), it was too easy to get a mythic. The amount of people that got a mythic that season had supposedly increased a lot from the preceding season. Therefore, they likely will not be doing three discounts again anytime soon.


I wonder if they’d ever raise the costs by a decent amount, but have a third discount to compensate.

Probably a useless implementation but it may or may not increase mythic accessibility through activity instead of hoarding.

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Please don’t give them ideas… Costs are already high enough :pleading_face:


Gods I hope not, that would be a terrible idea that forced people to claim a dragon they probably dont even want just to offset costs. As great as a 3rd discount line was, it’s unnecessary and definitely not worth increasing costs for.


Unless it’s a tower branch haha with like loads of timers

Hmm that’s a good point, thanks for bringing that up.

PG will NOT read my message above :slight_smile:

Well they might I’m sorry but giving PG ideas always makes them look at what your opinion is and if they do approve this their better be an 25 - 26 key limit for both mythics and that means they need to increase the keys in each branch by 1 eventually

Just so everyone + PG knows, that was NOT a suggestion lol

I was merely curious about what that would be like.

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What about a discount with proportionately decreased number of keys?

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Is that not just the festive? 18.75k sigils, 3 keys.

If they do 2 tower branches again, one electrum and one for the Orrery like they did in winter season, then the Orrery would also be a mini branch. It was 15k sigils and 2 keys during winter.

We know there is at least 1 full tower branch coming out week 8, and they decided not to change the festive, but other than the limited 1 week only things you won’t see any more “cheaper” branches.


That is not a discount but cutting a branch 50% off

Fortunately we get a mythic glyph, so discount is just for the glyph.

Btw i believe the cost is 18.5k