Will there ever be new runes for the newer tier dragon spellsets?

Ive been wondering if there are any plans for new runes made for the newer tier dragon spellsets. As it is, we can usually only use a rage or wisdom rune on the newer breed dragons. Seems like a waste of a great game tool for dragon variability. They keep coming out with new spells, a lot of which are just old spells with new names. However, this makes the runes for that spell unusable since the new name. That would be fine if they would just make new runes with the new spells. We used to have trouble deciding which runes to use because there were different options, but now we cant fill the rune slots. I mean, they come out with new ones for the divines, why not do the same for the breedables? May make them more relevant. Just my opinion. Thoughts?

Most dragons do better with just Atk or Hp runes anyway :man_shrugging: But yeah maybe having a variety would be nice.

A couple of problems

  • almost all lineage dragons are garbage. There are some exceptions but not many so they wont be used for that long and specific runes would mostly be wasted

  • For divine dragons they often use new versions of previous spells so there’s no real point in making runes for those spells outside of that dragon’s line when that is the only dragon that will probably have that spell.

  • Creating specific spell runes would most likely mean the return of runic chests and I doubt anyone wants those ridiculous things to return.

They could update the silver chests but it would have to be with generic spells like Rampage, Scavenge, Magic Barrer, et. that appear on both lineage and divine dragons. Silver chests do need to be updated but there arent a lot of spells that appear on a lot of dragons anymore other than maybe bloodfury. It’s more of updating them with better and more current tower runes and adding glyph versions. At this point silver chests are mostly just about trying for a rage rune or the rare ammo rune during KW events, maybe for a mythic hunter atk or mythic warrior hp.


well, what i was thinking was if they came out with runes that could assist the spellsets that came out with the breedables that had horrible spellsets, then maybe they could help make them a little more useful. Even if you could only get them by forging them. The forge has been saying upgrade coming soon for ever anyway, right? Lol. Besides, who wants to waste the valuable hp, attack, and rage runes on breedables? It would at least give us something to put in the rune slots on them without wasting runes better used on the divines. Although, im guessing the breedables were made irrelevant for a reason, huh? If they became more useful, there would be less incentive to spend for divines. Oh well, i was just trying to come up with something that would make the game a little less repetitive. I mean, just putting the same attack, hp, and rage runes on every dragon and going thru all the work of breeding and leveling dragons just to stash them and never use them again seems like a waste. Anyway, just one idea. Maybe some of you have other ideas?

Is there a chart somewhere that shows that?

That shows what?

Are your talking about Lineage dragons? @Nolaboy
If so the problem with this is, we don’t need specialty runes for them.
The only lineage dragons that stay relevant for long periods of time do so because of powerful spell kits.
These dragons benefit most from as much rage as you can possibly stack on them!
I’m not talking about end tier lineage dragons they have a time span and won’t be all that useful when
future tiers are released.

For divines? You get 2 specialty runes, depending on the rune/dragon sometimes it’s best to only use the mythic.
Would more specialty runes be better then stacking up 25-30+ % Atk on the dragon?
I don’t think it would… Also if it was, then they also run the chance of making the dragon to strong with runes stacking, playing with the spells, increasing spell durations or decreasing cooldowns. Sometimes those CDs are in place so the dragon isn’t Op.

Don’t put those good runes on breeders if they are just going to be stashed away after breedable.

I dont think any new rune would change the fact, that we allready got now 5 useless and hopeless mytics. I agree that the game needs new runes, and those ballista ones etc need go complete off the game.
But no rune in this world will make those dragons any better, let them work on buffing those first.

Sorry, the spells renamed.

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