Will you make it up for those who took the first 20prizes before the announcement?

Hi PG,
I’ll be honest, this latest announcement about doubling the base boost and azura branches first 20prizes made me furious. Not just because it happened 30mins after i made up my mind and claimed the first 20 in base boost, which as an F2P i serioisly need. (Already started to feel that due to lack of timers the game was getting boring, being stuck on certain levels with powerful dragons). It is also annoying because you seem to motivate procatisnators better than first adapters (not that i would be that). Also such unexpected moves (however kind the gesture is) does not feel good for those who try to play a startegy. I sincerely hope that you make it up for us by doubling what we have already claimed or extending the thing to the rest of the lines up on the branch. Will you?

He posted that was changed before the season started.


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