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Dont unsand my sanddddddd :slight_smile:



I think it’s up to the publisher if it’s on Kindle prime. I love books on dragons,Anne McCaffrey was one of my favorite authors.


I finished it was a great read but the second book isn’t out yet :pensive:


send me your copy :see_no_evil:


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I am going to promise you that I will have my second music video done by Christmas just for you! xD


She’s one of my favorites, too! Dragonflight and The White Dragon were some of my first and favorites of hers. And thank you :blush: :heart:


So glad you enjoyed it! (And is it just me, or did you read that INCREDIBLY quickly? I’m impressed!)

Oh, and spoiler alert…I don’t have a specific date locked down quite yet, but book two will be coming out late May 2019 :speak_no_evil:


Lol I’m a fast reader