Win in Gold or Lose in Platinum?


I’m curious if the event team rewards are better if your team can rank “top 5” in Gold 1 vs. “20-25” in Platinum 4 league.

Example: my team just moved in to Plat-4 and I can tell we’ll struggle in wars and events. Feeding event, we finished 22/25 in our division. If we were to finish, let’s say Rank 3 (or even Rank 1-5 for this example) in Gold 1 or Gold 2, would the team rewards be better than finishing (pretty much) last in a higher league?

Does it really pay to move up in leagues or are most people just stuck on “bigger is better?” I’m just happy to be in an active team and at the end of the day, 300 extra egg tokens a month or 100 sigils isn’t a big deal.

If someone had a list of gold and platinum league team rewards, that would be best for analysis. I’m newer and haven’t been able to test this theory over time. Any stats or feedback is much appreciated, thanks!


Platinum rank 25 is better than Gold rank 1.

However Platinum 1 and Platinum 4 all have the same rewards. You can see league rewards by clicking the arrows when looking at your own league’s team rewards.


If you’re the leader or an officer of your team, you’ll also want to let your teammates know what Red said, so that they don’t get discouraged. If your team is smaller (base level-wise) relative to other teams in the league, it’s possible that the team will get more wars and may rubberband between upper gold and lower plat quite a bit or get warred into a lower gold sub-league than you were previously, if the team isn’t used to wars yet. I’m not familiar with how the war flames trends are at that league range, though.

For the future, I suppose - My small’s team crept into Plat I and ended up bouncing around between Plat I to Plat III/IV (getting warred out of Plat I) before people got sick of it and decided to settle in Plat II/III for a while to rebuild and sub out inactives (missed wars days in a row without excuse). Wars there are often 240-250s now.


worth mentioning that is a lot easier to recruit in plat


Also worth mentioning that it’s the personal rewards that suffer from being in a league too high for your team to compete in. If your team is all less than say 100, you probably want to stay out of plat and in gold where your whole team will have targets to attack in PvP events.


Awesome, that answered all of my concerns, I appreciate the speedy replies too.

@NicBolas, yeah, I’ve found that to be a problem in my last Plat team too, I think we’re ok on the gold/plat fringe but any higher and the pvp events will be terrible for us lower noobs.

Thanks again everyone.


You can see Team Rewards in the other leagues, just use the left and right arrows in the Team Rank page


Moving up to Platinum can be difficult if your team has to many players below level 50. Our team has been bouncing back and forth until the last two weeks. The rewards are better, but until we had enough higher level players, competing in events and the increased wars was difficult. Each team has to decide what is right for them on whether to go to a higher league and lose or get better and be more competitive in a lower league.


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