Win/ loss multiplier

What’s that mean ?


I want to know too.

If you get 70% or more, the multiplier is 1.0, meaning you don’t lose any points. However, if you get less than 70% on the run, the multiplier is .9 or below, reducing the number of points you get.


Great , solved . Can u plz close this one.

It’s actually 1.15 when you win :upside_down_face:


It means don’t lose.

So now that i’m not half asleep here is how it works in a more elaborated fashion.

Between 0% and 69% this win/loss multiplier will be equivalent to the % that you kill of the base.
20% = 0.20 multiplier
60% = 0.60 multiplier

At 70% or above the multiplier will change to 1.15 for a Victory.



:thinking: are you sure you’re awake, and sure it isn’t “victory”?

Also, I was under the impression that after a loss, you had to build back up the victory bonus (not sure the start point.)

Oops yes victory but you know what i meant.

And no, i just did a few losses to test then one at 71% and it was immediately back up to 1.15

Neat :slight_smile:

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