Wind Flak Tower



How about a wind flak? We think the super shot should make a dragon fly faster for a couple seconds forcing him to bypass towers. The normal shot could cause some of the dragons shots to be blown off target. This would be a great elemental tower. A wonderful choice to thwart powerful dragons.


No more flak’s embers are already a pain to get, I mean you get loads of useless ice and fire shards out of gold chest why not balance game instead?


It’s pronounced electro flak, but yeah! How about it!


We know they will build more elemental towers. Yes, it would be nice to get more in chests. I have two accounts. One account closing in on 300 can’t get black pearls for love of life. Have two perches stuck at level 30. Ridiculous. The other account level 322 has almost 100k elemental embers to use. And more black pearls than I can use. So by some weird random factor one account is swarming with these things and the other is a void. Go figure.


They announced they’re done with the flak line. And the electro flak is known as the wind flak in the game files.


Done with flak doesn’t mean done with premium towers right?
Probably machinegun/Laser with entirely new premium rss…


Really? heard when earth flack came out was that there were plans for more flacks, was that just a rumer or did they give up?


I think it’s announced as the last flak.
Also meaning that next premium won’t be Flak…


Soon we will be able to combine all our flak power to make???



What basis are you speaking on? PG said they are done with flak series. If anyone else said it, they are spreading false information.


Here’s this, with a suggestive title

Which contains this:

The Earth Flak Tower is the fifth and final tower in the Flak series that will utilize the power of elemental energy.

But leave space for other premium with this:

Will there be more towers after the Flak series?

For sure! The engineers inside the Builder Hut are hard at work building more defensive towers to protect your island. The Earth Flak is their latest accomplishment, and they’ll share more towers they have in the works as they are ready to be revealed.


Then it’s possibly new tower with entirely new rss :woman_facepalming:


I would expect that but hopefully there will be a surprise… :man_shrugging:


Like others have said we already have a Wind Flak called: Electro Flak

But it could be a good idea for the next line of towers whatever they may be. I sincerely hope it’s not another seperate resource, PG plz stick with Embers! Speaking of which why not remove Ice and Fire Shards and replace them with Elemental Embers. I think ice and fire turrets are Elemental Towers anyways, so it only makes sense for them to use Embers to upgrade. That way all players can build what they want and won’t have to be stuck unlocking shards from branch.


I’m okay with this if they remove/reduce the dipshit ice and fire shards in gold chests for a new currency :partying_face:


No more flaks… they’ll buff up the projectiles next


For me would suffice replace all with embers, and leave ice and fire on bronze, lower drops.


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