Wind Rider (Kayla) Preview Details

Edit: official post here

This is from the twitch stream; Kayla info starts around half way through.

Availability estimate: later this week before the breeding event ends
The next rider is “a little ways away.”

  • 56 prizes, total of 25k sigils (excluding discount - numbers weren’t available for the cost including the discount)
  • first 28 (first page) will be 50% discounted until January 2nd
  • first page focus = rider shards (total of 400 shards)
  • second page focus = gear

Kayla Gear: Hurricane Set (Wind) + Rider Stats - Incomplete

  • They’ll actually be posting it to the blog tomorrow or Friday. The recording might’ve dropped some frames :thinking:, as I’m not seeing as much as I saw while I was doing an XP run.
  • Boots: 1.8% Dragon Attack
  • Lightning Resist (only option before a split)
  • Rider skill potential: +10% Dragon Attack, +10% Dragon HP
  • Not familiar with dragon elements? Check MareZ’s guide here.

There’s also some lore that’ll come out in the blog; PGCrisis read an excerpt :slight_smile:

Someone asked about if the second rider would be a defensive rider, but it’s still under development.


Pixxel also talks about Pogg near the end ~41m in.


I’m about sick of getting information a day late and a dollar short…

The first page is discounted for 2 weeks whenever it is released? Why, Why, WHY DO WE HAVE TO GET SECOND HAND INFO from Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, and wherever else…and this isn’t even from PG, but from someone summarizing their Twitchitter streams…


Thanks for summarizing it forScience. Too bad it’s too late for me, just blew my saved sigils in an unsuccessful attempt at getting ONE dragon this event.

25k sigils? What makes this rider better than Grogg? I may have misinformation but wasn’t grogg the cost of half a dragon branch last season? Why is this one a full divine dragon cost? PG was gonna find some way to milk us anyway I guess.

Good luck, Jonesy D: always a bit of a gamble.

Grogg was also temporarily discounted, though for the full line, so if you managed to finish the entire line during the discount, that was 50% off across the board.


I gotcha. I’m prolly gonna work my ass off to finish the shards for the rider and forget about the gear. Got no wind dragons of any usefulness anyway.

And technically, grogg was off for like 4 weeks (fiasco with undeserved sigil refund) so gave us way more time. Guess they wanted to avoid that this season.

I feel for ya Jonesy - I’ve been saving this season cos the drags were all meh…wanted to get rider…

Team quest rewards are paying out decent sigils too so hopefully you can take advantage of the rider discount…

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Hey Forsci thanks for this - what kind of rider is Kayla modelled after?

Welcome :smiley: - Kayla’s not a defender rider, but I’m not sure if it had class-specific buffs or not. I was multitasking during it and lost out on some details in the recording. :frowning: Suppose we’ll find out soon enough!

Ok cool - I just hired my first defender rider and crafted my first piece of gear - pretty cool for day 2
in Atlas… :smiley:

We purposefully showcase information on our Twitch stream that is not yet available online to incentivize folks to join us for the show! We love having you with us and tuning in means that you get to hear some (not all) info about new features / dragons / riders a few days ahead of a more informational blog post, which in this case will contain more in-depth details about Kayla’s added buffs and resists. We’re right on time with the info we want to share at this moment. :slight_smile:

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Wait, her discount is only until Jan 2nd? That’s not 2 weeks that’s between 8-12 days depending on when we actually get her.

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Isn’t really much of a discount. First 28 prizes are the cheaper ones anyway. It’s the second half that’s expensive, and that half is completely full price.

Think someone did an aggregate of the branch prizes. Assuming the rider follows the same sigil cost progression, 1st half cost 5950sigils, and branch total is 25k.

So… total rider cost looks to be
2975sigils (1st half discount) + 19,050sigils = 22,025sigils

Roughly 3k cheaper if you can claim the entire 1st half when it’s discounted.

Last season Grogg was completely half off. 12,500sigils I think.


Agreed. First half costs almost nothing, so that’s really a bit of crappy advertising if only first half discounted.

Note for clarity: its a great deal still, but dont wordsmith


Yep and first half (to gold stone I believe) is cheaper than last seasons so the discount is even less.

Ok so according to my table, 50% off of the 28th prize is here

Not a very good discount at all lol. Nice trick PG

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So first page is 5950 sigils
Second page is 19050 sigils

Total 25k sigils.

You are giving a 50% discount on first page only so 2975 sigils.

So the line will cost 21025 sigils?

@PGCrisis - is this intended? Perhaps truthful advertising would do better by your player base? Will get a lot less negative feedback and refund requests?

Get a 16% discount if you finish first page in first 12 days.

Will sell less for sure - but at least you keep your integrity.

The rider is fantastic value for 3k sigils, just get your advertising clear and concise


Unless the rider follows a vastly different cost progression it’s not much of a discount. I’m hoping for different scaling :pray:

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Y’all shouldn’t forget that grogg was a curtesy act for all those who didn’t have beta and wanted a rider.

They made it cheap so everyone can have new content.

I don’t see the necessity that due to an initial discount all riders need to be discounted the same way.

If they wouldn’t discount them at all it’s also ok.

Riders aren’t new content anymore so a 3k discount is better than nothing at all