WindyAngels are live! Join us level 50 and up


Hello WindyAngels Prospect!

How much of the stress or busy notions of the day are relieved by playing War Dragons?

I know sometimes we need a break from the team or the game itself. Sometimes it’s just about finding the right fit for you! After all, you should enjoy the team you are on, you’re a virtually circle of friends and family.

WindyAngels Mission

  • Common Goal is to work as Team to defeat the rest

    • Attack as a team to support one another
    • Defend as a team, prove your worth to your teammates
    • War as a team, earn your rightful place among the veterans
  • Active players join our team today!

    • Event Participation is required for all members. We value helping each other earn the sigils required to build our dragons even stronger than the season before.
    • War Participation helps the team advance, become more strategic, fight tougher enemies, earn better prizes, and place ourselves among the best. Players must earn 5 flames per war and backup is always required to get you those 5 flames in the first try!
    • Level 50 and up are welcome to apply. We are also looking to fill officer positions, so please bring your skills to the table and share them with others.

If our missions are in-line with yours, contact our leader or an officer today if you have any questions, but most importantly don’t forget to hit that JOIN button!! :wink:


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