Wings0fWar LFM - Gold 1 - 10+ level / Everyone welcome, We have many spots Open

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Looking for More (Recruiting)
LFM – Gold 1Wings0fWar10+


Language: English
Time Zone: Any
Played time: At least a Month
Age Range: Any
Elite Account?:No
Dragon Roster Includes: Any
Highest Lineage Dragon: Any

Current Rating: 1341, League: Gold 1 - Angry Nagas

About: Wings0fwar is a fairly new team and we are looking for active members to bring our team to life. We need people with the active status and are able to participate in events, wars, and talk in chat regularly . Obviously your real life is more important than a game so don’t stress to be on everyday. We need people with experience to help the team thrive and we are currently looking for some officers who are able to help and also keep the team active. We currently have many spots open! So if you’re interested hop on the game and check us out! We want a team were everyone can learn to grow together as friends and family! We are hoping we can get members from this post and grow and achieve our goals as a team.


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