Winter '16 & Spring '17 special branches? - jog your memory 🤔


Does anyone remember what was done in seasons before the bonus dragons?

Fall 2016 - don’t think there were any separate branches, just a later release of Ebon and Phasmos?
Winter 2016 -
Spring 2017 -

One of the seasons had rotating temporary branches, and I don’t remember what the other one had… :see_no_evil:

I’ll be linking all the various season/lineage threads here, because there’s been so much that it’ll be easier to refer back to when referencing things (spell stats/details in particular)… like in stream notes :rofl:

Edit: Unless that rotating branch was in with Nydryr… also don’t remember if the egg token bonus was around from the beginning of seasons.


Started in Spring 17. They had split branches where you could either keep going down one to claim more evolve stones, or go up the other to claim goodies.

Token bonus was on a split branch.

No special branch that season - that came later (next season?) with a rotating branch for other goodies (can’t remember what kind of goodies - maybe runes?)


For winter Branch 1 was Tengu, and after the dragon (I think) it split off to Kinnara portrait with other prizes, and below was Tengu’s line with his stones.

Branch 2 was Tarand, Branch 3 Snowdrop which was released later. If I remember right Algor was at the end of Tarands branch, as well as the gold chests for leftover sigils.

Don’t remember where the egg boost was that season.


Yup, split branches. The good old days


I do miss being able to get to the “good stuff” without being forced to get a dragon that I didn’t want.


Is there really any difference? :thinking: Don’t have to hatch or use the dragon


Still wasted sigils…


Split branches… almost forgot about those… I started last July—wasn’t the Egg Token boost a split-off from one of the other branches? In the summer season or perhaps the fall? :t_rex:


Idk, weren’t the runes less customized to the dragons then? Those would have been useful even when sigils had to be spent on stones


Yeah, that was before they started renaming spells so they didn’t have runes, etc…


Lol yeah affected the dragons later but at least we got some generous apology gifts for those changes… think it was spring season


There was even a tiny but cheap branch were you could get elemental embers! I miss that one


Wasn’t the last split branch last Fall?


Yeah, the 2017 fall season was the very last one with the split branches


Branches took the turn for the best I think. I may be wrong but I believe the egg boost use to be always on the secondary line on 1st branch, and then the others would be 25% extra lumber or food production


They had some runes in them as I remember getting pissed when the rune that came in the dragon line for Nightshade no longer worked after the whole invert / RP debacle which was my first issue with PG.


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