Winter 2017 Season - Tempest Collection Spells Preview


Which dragon(s) will you make part of your team?

Three new dragons will be flying in this week to assist Dragon Lords in their quests for glory! These past and present gladiatorial champions will each bring their own unique spellsets to strike fear into the hearts of your enemies.

Each dragon will start in Orange Tier and can be leveled up through the tiers through the use of Evolution Stones. Evolution stones for each dragon will be obtainable through their specific Winter Season branch up through Obsidian tier. While these dragons are legendaries, they will have the power of Obsidian Mythic strength.

The Dragon Rider releasing in a couple weeks will be a Wind rider and only have armor to match one of the dragons. Regardless, the Rider can be equipped to any dragon to give the bonus.



Warhawk Drake

Stalking the night, ever in search of prey.”


Class: Hunter

Rarity: Legendary

Element: Dark


  • Cloak - Active, 1 Rage, Blue 
    Conceals your dragon so that enemy towers cannot attack. Blue mage towers cancel this effect. Spell lasts for 12 seconds and has a 3 second cooldown.
    Learned at Level 1
  • Talon Frenzy - Active, 1 Rage, Blue
    Dragon deals 150% damage and 50% increased damage with attacks for a 4 second duration.
    Learned at Level 1
  • Healing Mark - Active, 1 Rage, Red
    Spell is cast upon a chosen tower. When the tower is destroyed, your dragon will regain 10% of its health.
    Learned at Level 10
  • Ice Turret Resist - Passive
    Reduces Ice Turret Damage by 70%.
    Learned at Level 13



Storm Chariot

A dark storm charges across the horizon.


Class: Sorcerer

Rarity: Legendary

Element: Wind


  • Lightning Familiar - Passive
    Summons a dragon that buffs dragon damage while it's alive. Increases Lock-On damage,  absorbs 20% of damage, and increases rage generation by 50%.
    Learned at Level 1
  • Thunderbolt - Active, 2 Rage, White
    Strikes buildings with lightning that chains randomly.
    Learned at Level 1
  • Extract Essence - Passive, Yellow

    The last tower destroyed by your dragon provides rage and a spell. 

    Storm: Northern lights(light)

    Archer: Southern cross(light)

    Cannon: Uproot

    Ballista: Wind wall

    Red mage: Reverse projectiles

    Blue mage: Shield blast

    Trebuchet: Earthquake

    Lightning: Chain lightning

    Ice: Chaos

    Fire: Spell flux

    Dark elemental flak: Vampiric touch

    Lumber: Cure poison

    Food: Rejuvenate

    Totems: Rejuvenate

    Learned at Level 10


  • Lightning Resist - Passive

    Reduce damage taken from Lightning Towers by 70%.

    Learned at Level 13


Prideful Predator


Frays the nerves of even the bravest warrior.”


Class: Warrior

Rarity: Legendary

Element: Fire


  • Lion’s Rage - Passive
    At low dragon HP, attacks deal massively increased damage. When hp is lower than 55%, attacks leave a burn at the target that increase the damage that building takes by 60%.
    Learned at Level 1
  • Blazing Shield - Active, 2 Rage, Blue
    Reduces incoming damage by 40% and instantly heals for 35% of its health. Spell duration is 3.5 seconds
    Learned at Level 1
  • Dark Flak Tower Resist - Passive
    Reduce damage taken from Dark Flak Towers by 70%.
    Learned at Level 10
  • Spitfire Turret Resist - Passive
    Reduce damage taken from Fire Turrets by 70%.
    Learned at Level 13

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Nice! Thanks for the easy access info. @PGCrisis


Looks like it IS gonna be a white Christmas after all.


Was really hoping for white something on the hunter.


spell sets don’t look half bad. Thanks ! ;]
Really liking the sorcerer spell set with extract essence and lightning familiar.


I might just go for the warrior after a long time… Not sure if its the right thing to do though


Hunter is horrible. What the hell pg. PG worked on these dragons so hard and they are all crap. Ugh winter season 2017 so far has the worst dragons in all seasons. They might look cool but there skills are bad.


Really? It looks like a dragon that can act like Ferga with cloak to me…

Even though I don’t have ferga yet :rofl:


Where is the sorcerer defense spell? Invincibility shield?
Essence spell is miscast and should be shield instead.


Thanks @PGCrisis

Just wish you guys used the time to make a better hunter divine…


@PGCrisis any reason for this? Now they aren’t even perch-worthy.

The warriors lion ability - seems bit better than the leaked version, I still have my reservations. This is definitely not a lead dragon. And unless you are lucky enough to get to farms with low health, its probably not a wing either.

The warrior has no way of killing a standard front small island. He will spend all his time trying to kill a blue mage, and when it finally dies will find himself with no rage to use his shield and just die.

Sorceror - not clear yet it the familiar is targetable? What happens if it gets hit by a red mage? Is it resummonable?

The artwork in preview looked real nice, but the ingame shot posted seems like a minimally tweaked girasol?

Hunter -
Basically you remade borg. So will probably have same problems - fly underpowered bases looks strong. Fly strong bases run out of punch.

Healing mark is nice as always, so is cloak.

1 rage chaos. Hmm because of new name all chaos runes useless.

Will you be making at least a legendary and mythic rune available for his talon ability? So that talon damage can get to nearly havoc damage? Cause at base rate its just not enough

So in summary, fairly poor season start
Seems remarkably similar to original kinnarus-borg season fiasco. Will you be changing it a week in when people arent spending on them?

Dead sorcerer, useless pve warrior (drakius v2) and an okish hunter

@PGCrisis - could you get some input from the team?

The warrior seems like a very much pve only dragon. Is this the intent? It not fly one against a maxxed base with short island

  • blue red two dps towers (note no one uses fire turrets here) darkflak perch ;no defender
  • same with defender, and come give some feedback?

Sorcy- minions workings?


It will be targetable for sure… but I would love to know if it is a “once per run” or an " I have an other!!!" kind of astral dragonling.


Great analysis and comments as always. @PGCrisis please we all have these questions or is the winter season one for hibernation?


@PGcrisis I just want to double check that 3 of the 4 Equestor spells are learnt at level 1!? :scream:


So couldn’t wait for the winter season, now… well disappointed to say the least.


I suspect a typo here, when they introduced the season the unlocking order was 1-1-10-13. I highly doubt that it would change to 1-1-1-13


Really looking forward to an answer to this.
If a red mage can kill it, it’s the most useless spell I’ve ever seen. :joy:


Haha yes I’m sure you’re right. Just clarifying though and also alerting them to the error :+1:


Of course it is hard to tell how things are before we tested it out.

What I´ve read so far makes me think that there are some Major improvements to the Prior season like GUI, claiming etc. Also Artwork Looks quiet nice (although I can´t really see the winter Topic there).

What´s kinda disappointing are the Dragons.

Already this season was not great. But Winter season?!

The hunter Looks absolutly USELESS! All Major bases start with 2 mages and some flak … that Dragon will die like a fly there drained rage and nothing to protect, paralyze or kill.

The sorcerer could be interessting, depending on how the familiar works compared to Apophet or Kin.
Comparing it Kin I see these things

  1. familiar vs. dodo … let´s assume for a Moment they are the same (comperable in strength and dps).
  2. White lighning is nice yet it lacks the ability to really kill big towers (it´s weak and unprecise) plus the dodo always takes out red mages first in order to hit the island with earthquke.
  3. What I really don´t understand is why putting extract essence on a sorcerer? The spell itself is powerful but due to the lack of “chosing” which tower to kill (since familiar will kill things and sorcerers are just not precise enough) I´m guess this will be simply a “sit out spell” - I totally prefer Kins invincibilty shield which makes it hard to kill.

The bonus warrior Looks pretty much like the Prior Bonus warriors… not great but not shabby either.

Best part is that the sigils are NOT increasing! Thank you PG, that is really highly appreciated.
Unless the mythic hunter and/or the last branch warrior are excellent this will be another season of being more happy about branch rewards then Dragons.


As far as the Summoned Familiar goes, it reads fairly clearly to me. It is a yellow passive just like Apo and Kin, the difference is that Dodo is unkillable. (Unless he glitches when he follows another summon)

Apos is killable, so is this new Lightning Summon.

You cannot re-summon Apos familiar because it is a yellow passive. There is no reason why this new yellow passive would be re-summonable either.

The description says

Fairly clear it can die and, based off Apos Shadow, does not come back that run.