Winter 2017 Season - Tempest Collection Spells Preview


@Grumpybigbird :grin::grin::grin:


I understand you want to get full control on extract essence. As for Sorcerers it can be very difficult. I’m sorry to tell you that we can’t make changes to the lightning summon spell right now.

I suggest grabbing death gaze consumable or anything that helps you to select the tower you want to kill.


Equestor here I come! :joy:


We’re aware of this issue, and it is being looked at already


@PGPulse I think we should also look into this issue, I wouldn’t like going for Leos if it has a worse “fire” shield than Abraxxas (which has 60% reduction damage)

@Schnubbe do you fly with hp boost? In this case it should show less health because it heals 35% of base Dragon hp. Just asking though I doubt it would show 10% health, rather 20ish %…
Did you get a big shot on your Dragon? Certain towers now boast ridiculous attack power…


Completely agree. Whether it is 10% or 20% but it definitely not healing 35%


Run the dragon unboosted. Heals always based on unboosted health, then check.

Probably still not 35, but then you can screengrab and measure


So I took 2 groups of photos on 2 different turns. I have almost all the research below green so I think there’s a +5% health research that will skew the visual of the heal (this is probably what’s happening to you). This run was unboosted.


@PGPulse, if the spell is based off of the dragon’s base health, why would the runes in his line apply to his shield?!


If I’m not mistaken, the spell heals an amount based on health without boost and research. I can be wrong here


That’s what @Gox1201 was saying, and the photos would support that, as my dragon was unboosted but has research. My question now is are the never before seen health runes going to have an effect on the heal or are they pretty much useless, as several other posts have pointed out they don’t even increase the Dragons health based on before and after photos of the train dragon screen.

Edit: found the post pointing out the health runes don’t work:


The thing with these Heat Shield/Blast Shield-type skills is that if it protects more, it heals less. Abraxxas’s Fire Shield reduces incoming damage by 60% but only heals for 10%, while Blazing Shield reduces by 40% and heals for 35%. This is better than the Heat Shield on Archimera too (40/20) :rofl:


Heat shield on Skarr is 20% heal /40% reduced damage. That’s my only reference but I stayed away from Abraxxas because of Skarr :joy::joy::joy: Abraxxas is just a fake copy of wonderful Skarr…


I actually liked skarr😏


I think if we look at all warrior spellsets in the game and ignore max dragon tier/power, Skarr has one of the best warrior spellsets in the game :thinking:


Except for his Storm resist, he is absolutely awesome (I love my Skarr, my first maxed Divine and I was a level 30-35 when I got him, still with me and my favourite :heart:️)


Sometimes I still use my maxed NS as a third follow up (Hau, Frost, NS).
Crumble and Invert always works, no matter how high the towers are, even on lvl350+ bases :grin:


I wanna test NS on Invader base… theoretically works wonders there?!


Skarr can be a good farm finisher at middle tier because of Spell Flux and Sacrifice and could eventually take a hit that Ember couldn’t at all :blush::smile:


NS has no problem with max level invader with lvl40 towers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Any chance we can get a Reload spell for hunter in a future season. Cast it and refill hunter energy.