Winter 2017 Season - Tempest Collection Spells Preview


Yea and pair it with consume :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Her spells heal both summon dragon and summoner


Anyone know what is the stats on Equestors rune in his line? Cuz i might go there only to boost Borgian if the warrior suck too! Lol


Mythic is rage primary, extra bounce secondary, and I believe you can increase number of bounces with leveling the rune up.


Ok cool thx! And if its like Borgian rune, no the numbers of bounces does not increase with upgrading! But i am.pretty sure multiples runes will.mean more bounces :wink:


First to confirm Equestor rune giving Borgian extra bounce adding to his branch sigil please post!


Im not sure you can get more than one bounce per rune. Ill ask around but Im pretty sure the only upgrade that happens is to the rage generation.


I know its a crazy idea but imagine an admin who could give us an anwer to this so players wont have to waste their runes, sigils and time to test if the content is broken :open_mouth:


Like i wrote 2 post earlier, there is no way the number of bounce increase part 1 (borgian glyph was like that, 1 bounce at max lvl)

The real question is, if i use 2-3 runes/glyph with the ability, will I get 2-3 bounce?

It should be, but its WD, we never know!
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I swear there was a quote, maybe from arelyna of crisis about crazy effects of up to 6 bounces, but I cannot find it :confused:


Because it was on the twitch stream :slight_smile:


What sucks about Thunderbolt/CL, is it often hit a monument and die there So sometimes your get, like, only 2-3 bounces It should be fix so it dont bounces on monuments!


So there is a limit to 6 bounces maximum? How is that possible if it should work? I was hoping to get 7 bounces out of it with the two runes available in this seasons Eq line.


I believe she was talking about bonus bounces, but yall can watch the stream again if you want.


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Was not random people wanted answer sorry!


You tagged an Atlas engineer and someone who primarily works on security issues for a question about stacking glyphs. Feels pretty random.


Youre supposed to be doing other year-end things young man! I know were irresistible but its like 11pm your time



Ya ok sorry! I tagged the first 3 i thought of!

Will look closer for the right person to tag next time!

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Would be nice to know the next seasonal warrior skill set! Could that be possible PocketGem before the week it is release奸ike this week or next week, or just give us an hint or lets say 1 spell per week could be fun!!

Plus, do you plan on changing actual dragon spellset? Would be great to know before making a choice!!